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We love to meet our clients in person. But if you can't make it into the office, scroll down to read about the awesome employees at One Step.

  • sandy barragan


    Boss Lady

    As the President and founder of One Step Services, Sandy has poured her heart and soul into One Step for over 25 years. She’s extremely personable and the respect, laughter, and insight she shares with employees and clients alike has grown her small two person operation in the back of a real estate office into a flourishing corporation. After she turns off her giant computer screens every day, she loves spending time with her daughter, coaching softball, and trying to come up with the next marketing idea that will inspire our over 3,000 clients.

    Sandy is a secret tech guru who loves Apple products. The next time you’re in the office, ask her about the latest iWatch.

  • Melissa

    Client Care Connoisseur

    Melissa has made a career out of building exceptional customer relationships. After graduating from Vanguard University with a degree in Psychology, her love of people led her management positions in high end retail and luxury real estate. Now as our Director of Client Relations, she spends her days meeting with clients, assessing their needs and offering solutions. She loves building these relationships and truly believes they are the essential key to business growth. Melissa is a So Cal native and loves hiking with her husband, trying new restaurants and riding horses.

    Fun fact: Melissa has a knack for identifying cars at night just by their headlights! Next time you’re in the office, ask her about her favorite cars.

  • dan


    Operations Overlord

    Having worked at One Step Services for 12+ years, Dan has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to print and mail. He uses that knowledge to oversee our production department and ensure orders go out quickly, smoothly and correctly. If Dan could go back in time, he would go to the Wild West to enjoy the simple life of an outlaw. Since he’s stuck in the 2000s, he makes the best of it by fishing, boating, hiking, and playing hockey.

    Dan’s greatest accomplishment is helping to raise his two beautiful daughters. Next time your in the office, ask him how they’re doing.

  • Brianna

    Marketing Maven

    As a marketer to the marketers, Brianna’s job is to advertise One Step and make sure we are implementing the same marketing practices that we tell our clients to use. Plus, as the company’s social media manager, she is the only one who has permission to be on Facebook during work hours. A quick look at her personal Facebook profile will tell you she has two adorable little kids,

    Brianna cheers for the Angels every baseball season, so next time your in the office ask her about the latest game

  • Kevin

    Digital Design Doyen

    Kevin fell in love with art when he was in college and graduated from the Art Institute of California with a degree in graphic design. He worked in the Prudential marketing department for 3 years before joining us here at One Step. Helping people build their business motivates and inspires his work. He enjoys playing roller hockey, is a professional trash can basketball player and bakes desserts that will change your life.

    Kevin is a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, so next time you see him be sure to remind him that the Kings are better.

  • Lori

    Polished Production Pro

    By day, Lori is an experienced graphic designer who provides our clients with creative production pieces faster than you can say “production piece.” By night, she’s a mother of two adorable children, a wife and owner of a million pets. She loves outdoor activities like taking her kids to the park, bike riding, camping, and boating. When she needs to escape the chaos, she’ll pull up Jack Johnson on her iPod and sip red wine at the beach.

    Lori often goes on outdoor adventures. Next time you’re in the office, ask her about her recent skydiving adventure.

  • Kirstie

    Graphics Guru

    Kirstie’s fantastic designs pop up in mailboxes every day, as she is the production designer in charge of mailings. She creates client branded postcards as well as many of our content ready postcards. Art has been Kirstie’s passion since she was a child. As a student at Concordia University, she studied several different art forms and decided to pursue a career in graphic design. Before coming to One Step she worked for a stationery company and is very familiar with the design to print process.

    When she isn’t painting or designing, you’ll find Kirstie at the pool. She used to be a competitive swimmer who spent her childhood summers swimming in the lakes of her native Malawi. Next time you’re in the office, ask her about it!

  • Lorena

    Captain Creativity

    Lorena came to One Step Services with over 10 years of graphic design and print industry experience. She is extremely talented in all facets of design, but she particularly loves designing logos and brands that give companies a strong identity. In addition to being passionate about her work, she is passionate about her family and loves spending time with them, especially her daughter.

    Lorena’s favorite vacations have been trips to Cancun and Yosemite. Next time you’re in the office, ask her where she’s headed on her next vacation.

  • Pauline

    Designing Daredevil

    With a closet full of colored pumps, a passport full of stamps and a diverse Netflix queue, Pauline embodies the phrase “variety is the spice of life.” She fits in perfectly at One Step because there is a variety of different projects for her to work on and she puts a unique spin on each one. She’s inspired by architecture, museums, magazines and travel and clients love the brands and pieces she creates.

    An alum of UCI, Pauline enjoys exploring Los Angeles and Orange County with her husband. She has written over 500 Yelp reviews and is part of Yelp’s Elite Squad which allows her access to special events and lots of freebies. Next time you’re in the office, ask her for a restaurant, activity, or business recommendation.

  • Tirtzah

    Artistic Authority

    Tirtzah (or Tee as we like to call her) can ride a unicycle, which basically makes her president of the “coolest talents ever” club. Her other amazing talent is art. As one of our graphic designers, she gets to use that talent to create beautiful pieces for our clients. In addition to digital graphic design, she also loves drawing and working with pastels. She loves the color purple, devours Peruvian ceviche and enjoys a night of dancing as much as she enjoys being curled up with a good book.

    Tee is a bit of a foodie, so next time your in the office ask her for a restaurant recommendation.

  • Carol


    Protector of Patrons

    If Carol were a household appliance, she would be an oven so she could produce great food for everyone. Her hospitality and care for others makes her an outstanding customer service representative who always goes the extra mile. When not caring for clients, she is Gma C to everyone else, spending time with her granddaughter, cooking for friends and taking trips to Disneyland.

    Carol grew up in Chicago, so next time your in the office ask her about her life in the Windy City.

  • linda


    Service Savant

    Linda’s unofficial job description is “to make everyone satisfied and happy!” Her caring personality and sense of humor puts a smile on everyone’s face. When she isn’t accomplishing heroic customer service feats, you can find her soaking up the sun at the beach or sipping on a diet coke. She is fortunate to live near her two daughters and four grandchildren, and she loves cheering at their sporting events and hosting sleepovers.

    Linda needs Diet Coke to survive, so next time your in the office and you want to make her smile, bring her a bottle!

  • kelly


    Client Counselor

    Kelly works as a customer service representative for two reasons. Reason #1- She loves interacting with people, answering questions and helping them create successful marketing campaigns. Reason #2- She needs to fund her shopping addiction. Kelly is the fashionista of the office and always has the cutest clothes and accessories. When she’s not working or shopping, she loves hanging out with friends and watching horrible romantic comedies.

    Kelly is an avid watcher of the show Dexter, so next time your in the office ask her about the latest episode.

  • Lauren

    Wizard of Welcoming

    Lover of cats. Eater of sushi. Loyal watcher of The Walking Dead. This is Lauren, one of our fabulous customer service reps. When she first starting working at One Step Services, she was impressed with the helpful and welcoming atmosphere in the office. She daily extends that same welcoming environment to the new clients she interacts with.

    Lauren’s Alma Mater is Cal State Long Beach. If you’re a fellow 49er, give her a shout out next time you’re in the office.