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Sep 21 2016

Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

16 holiday marketing ideasIt’s hard to believe, but we are heading into the 2016 holiday season. The next three months offer a lot of opportunities for creative marketing and making personal connections with farm residents and clients. Below is a list of ideas to jumpstart your thinking. Let us know what interests you and we’ll help you create and launch a truly epic holiday marketing campaign.

Face To Face

  • Hand out branded candies to trick or treaters. Get them here 
  • Turn your open houses into mini holiday parties. Play holiday music, serve Christmas cookies, and have a simple craft out for the kids. You can get cheap supplies and crafts from Oriental Trading Company.
  • Take your team caroling through your farm.
  • Host a canned food drive. Pass out promotional flyers one weekend, the next take a wagon door to door and collect the food.
  • Host a cookie decorating party at your home, office, or clubhouse and invite past clients and/or farm residents. Provide to go boxes or bags with your business information on them. We can design and print stickers for those containers.
  • Look up holiday events, boutiques and concerts in your area. Ask about becoming a sponsor or setting up a booth.


  • Send holiday cards with your handwritten signature and handwritten addresses. We can provide this service for you, just ask!
  • Mail or drop branded calendars for 2017. We’ll have calendars designed and ready for you in early November.
  • Send a mailing with your solds for the year. Include testimonials.
  • Send out die cut postcards. A card shaped like a pumpkin, turkey, or Christmas tree will stand out in a mailbox full of holiday mailers.
  • Partner with local businesses and mail their coupons as a gift from you.
  • Send small tree ornaments as a gift. These plantable ornaments from the Green Field Paper Company are particularly cool. 


  • Coloring Contest. Mail a coloring page to your farm with prepaid postage so they can mail the entry back to you. We can create this for you!
  • Scratchers. Send a postcard that recipients can scratch and get a prize. We can create this for you!
  • Hold a drawing through social media. Use a third party app, like Woobox, to make things simple.
  • Host a pumpkin carving contest throughout your farm. Pick a day to walk around and award prizes to participants. Don’t forget to mail a promo piece, and another piece announcing winners and thanking participants.
Sep 19 2016

Boost Your Real Estate Business During The Holidays

Its hard to believe but the holiday season is just around the corner! Traditionally the real estate market slows down during this time, so we’ve got some direct mail postcards to help boost your business.

4 Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

Download the 4 Reasons To Sell Order Form

For most people, selling a house is the furthest thing from their minds during the holidays. This postcard gives 4 reasons why selling during the holidays could be beneficial and reminds them that you work all year round!


Fall Market Updates

Download the fallmarketupdate_pc-2 fallmarketupdate_pcFall Market Update Form







Market updates are a great way to generate leads because they give recipients easy to understand data that proves it’s a good time to sell. We have two different versions to choose from, one that features one of your current listings and one that doesn’t. **PLEASE NOTE** You must provide the data for these postcards.





Sep 06 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

realtor safety September is real estate agent safety awareness month! Real estate isn’t typically thought of as a high risk job, but anytime you work directly with the public, you run the risk of getting hurt. This risk is heightened for real estate agents because they often interact with strangers alone, which makes them vulnerable. Our Tuesday Tips this month are focused on tips for safely showing property, since that is typically where agents are attacked. However, we encourage you to check out these articles for more tips on how to stay safe in every aspect of the job.

56 Tips for Realtors

Real Estate’s 6 Most Dangerous Everyday Situations

Real Estate Agents Using Apps, Wearable Tech To Stay Safe

 Got your own tips? Share them in the comments!

  1. Before showing a property, meet with the client at your office and obtain their basic information, including a photo ID. Assailants like anonymity. If you know who they are, they will be less likely to attack you. If someone objects, simply explain that it is for safety reasons. If they continue to object, bring a coworker along or politely inform the client you will not be able to show them property.
  2. Use the buddy system. Tell a coworker where you are going, and when you expect to be back. Ideally, you would have a co worker or assistant with you every time you show a property. However, that is usually unrealistic. But it is very easy to let a trusted co worker know where you are going, who you are going with and when you plan on being back. If they don’t hear from you, they’ll know to immediately take action.
  3. When viewing a property, leave the front door unlocked and let clients enter rooms first. Leaving the front door unlocked gives you an easy exit route. It’s also a good idea to scan the property for multiple exit routes , in case you find yourself being trapped or chased. By letting clients walk in front of you, you reduce the risk of a surprise attack from behind.
  4. Check the property before and after an open house to be sure everyone is off the premises. This is particularly important for vacant or foreclosed homes. You could encounter squatters, wildlife, or hostile homeowners who refuse to leave. If you do encounter a problem, leave the premise immediately and contact the authorities.

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