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Aug 22 2016

Let Homeowners Know High Demand Equals High Prices

There are basically three types of direct mail cards real estate agents should be sending out on a regular basis. First are the lead generation cards. The messaging of these cards is crafted specifically to motivate people to sell their houses and list with you. These often include just listed/sold postcards, open house invites, market updates and info on how, when and why to sell. The second type is self promotional. These cards often have testimonials or bios of the agent. Lastly are the informational cards. These include general information about the local real estate market, the community and home ownership. While lead generation direct mail postcards should be sent out most often, it’s also important to mix in some self promotional and general information postcards. That way, people who aren’t ready to sell are still learning about your business and gaining information that is valuable to them.

Our lead generation card for this month tells homeowners that you have buyers for their home. Demand is very high in some areas of Orange County, and homeowners need to know that the demand could be driving up the value of their home. This simple knowledge could be the thing that motivates them to list their home with you.

Download the order form for High Demand Order Form

real estate lead generation postcard

Our informational card this week tells homeowners how they can protect their homes from wildfires. Late summer and fall are fire season here in So Cal, and homeowners will appreciate these simple tips that will help get their home through this dangerous season. Of course, there is still a call to action and your information on the card, in case the recipient wants to talk about listing!

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Wildfire Protection

Aug 08 2016

Direct Mail Marketing: Football Schedule Postcards Now Available

Football season is here and LA is celebrating its first season with a football team in over 20 years. We’ve got the schedules for LA Rams and San Diego Chargers. These are great pieces because people tend to keep them around- stuck on their fridges or bulletin boards- which means they get repeated exposure to your brand.

Order by August 16 for a 10% discount on printing. Download the Football Schedule 2016 Order Form and return it to us through email or fax it to 949-452-0381

Rams football schedule postcard Chargers football schedule postcard


Aug 02 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Blogging Topics for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

writing on notebookBlogging is hard work, particularly if you don’t fancy yourself a writer. But when talking with real estate agents and small business owners, the biggest obstacle isn’t writing talent. It’s usually the fact that they don’t know what to write about. Below are five ideas for generating blog content. Some of them, like #2, can be done in 30 minutes. While #4 will probably take a bit longer. But if you blog once a week, rotating through these ideas, you’ll always have something to say.

Tell the story of a specific problem one of your clients had and how you solved it. In my opinion, this is the best way to create blog content. Take some time to sit down and list all the times that you have helped a client. Then, star all of the stories that were particularly unique or had a compelling backstory. Those are your blog articles. If you can back them up with client testimonials, even better.

Share a news article and give commentary on how it affects your clients and/or industry. The easiest way to do this is to customize your news feed (most sites that publish news articles allow for customization) to focus on the industry in which you work. If you check these sites regularly, you’ll probably see a good article at least once a week. Type of a short summary of the article (with a link to the original) and your thoughts on the matter and viola, relevant blog article complete.

If you have recently attended a training event, write an article about something you learned. ‪Instead of simply regurgitating what was said at the event, add your own take. Why did something in particular stick out to you? Have you used the advice given at the training? How did that work out? Was there something said that you didn’t agree with? Why?

Invite a colleague to a friendly debate. Choose an industry topic, and each of you write an article taking a different side. While this idea can create a very interesting and engaging blog post, it can also create a lot of problems if not done properly. First, make sure the topic is relevant to your readers and to your industry. No need for real estate agents to host a debate on Common Core. Second, make sure you and your colleague adhere to an agreed upon code of ethics. For example, no name calling, cite your sources, differentiate between opinions and facts, etc. Third, don’t bog things down with a bunch of industry jargon. Remember, the point is to educate your clients, aka non professionals, rather than to show off.

Create a list of questions frequently asked by your clients. Make the questions and answers into a blog post. Every few months, I’ll go to customer service and ask them “What questions are people asking you on a regular basis?” They’ll tell me, and then I’ll do a little blog write up with those questions and the answers to them. It is very simple, but highly effective. Chances are, there are more people out there with those same questions who would read, and appreciate, an article that gave them answers.

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