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Oct 18 2016

Celebrate the Season with Thanksgiving Postcards and Fold Over Cards

It’s time to order your Thanksgiving postcards! Although the holiday is still 5 weeks away, the election is slowing down delivery times through USPS. Order this week and send them out next week so they have plenty of time to land in mailboxes. Order by October 28th and receive 10% off printing costs.


We have quite a few design options this year. We have 5 different 8.5×5.5 postcards, including a shopping list design which is a great option for early mailings.

Download Thanksgiving Postcard Order Form fall postcards real estate

thanksgiving postcards real estate agents thanksgiving postcard real estate thanksgiving real estate marketing thanksgiving postcard shopping list




















We also have 5×7 fold over cards. These must be put in envelopes, and are a great option for your social list. If you want to hand write the address yourself, we can print and return them to you. Or, we can print the address right on the envelope and mail for you.

Download Thanksgiving Fold Over Card Order Form

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Oct 04 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience

marketing tipsEngagement refers to interactions between your clients (or potential clients) and your business. When a client talks to an employee, likes a social media post, signs up for an email newsletter, participates in a contest, buys a product, or leaves a review, she is engaging with your brand.

Engagement is vital for brand survival. People who are just learning about your brand will simply be observers for a while, which is good, but eventually you need them to engage. That’s when sales happen and when referrals are made. Below are some simple ways to engage your audience through different marketing channels:

  1. Engage in person. Ask questions to get to know your audience. If you’re a real estate agent, skip a mailing and instead walk your postcards, knock on doors, and talk to your neighbors. If you own a store, talk to customers as they come in and browse.
  2. Engage through mail. Host a contest that requires action, like mailing in an entry form or submitting a coloring page. Many people jump at the chance to win something. Not only do you get engagement, you get additional information about people that you can use to improve marketing.
  3. Engage online. Ask people to comment on or share the content you post. You’d be surprised how many people will engage simply because they are asked. You can also ask questions on social media to get to know your audience better.
  4. Engage through email. Send an email to your social list with a survey about their experience working with you. This will give you valuable feedback as to what you are doing right and what you can improve on. Make sure you thank your audience for taking the survey (not for giving you good marks) with a discount or something similar and keep them updated on changes that you make based on their recommendations.
Oct 03 2016

This is Halloween! Time To Make A Postcard Scene!

First of all, if you don’t understand the title of this blog post, do yourself a favor and watch this video:


Secondly, order some postcards! We’ve got two for Halloween and two for Daylight Savings. My personal favorites are the sea star witches and the cuckoo clocks. Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Then download the Halloween and Daylight Savings order form and order your favorites!


Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween2 Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween

Daylight Savings


Halloween and Daylight Savings order form