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Mar 12 2018

2018 Baseball Schedules For Angels, Dodgers and Padres

These “sticky pieces” are perfect for building brand awareness and trust. Recipients will keep these baseball schedule postcards on hand and refer back to them often, each time being exposed to your brand, photo and name.

We’ve done the hard work for you! Just download the 2018 So Cal Baseball Schedule Postcards Order Form , fill it out, and email to or fax it to 949-452-0381.

Mar 05 2018

Spring and Easter Postcards for Real Estate Agents and Small Businesses

Our 2018 Spring/Easter postcard line has something for everyone…real estate calls to action, general spring greetings and a general Easter greetings. Picks the one you think your audience will be most responsive to and we’ll do the rest.

Download a Spring/Easter Postcard Order Form. Fill it out, and email it back to or fax it to 949-452-0381.

Spring/Easter Postcard Order Form

Feb 12 2018

2018 Marketing Planner

It’s not too late to create a real estate marketing plan for 2018. And we’ve got a FREE tool to help you do it. Our 2018 Marketing planner allows you to plan when you will send postcards, emails, place ads, post to social media, door knock, warm call, etc. It provides a great birds eye view of your marketing for the year.

Download One Step 2018 Marketing Planner

We also have printed planners available. Just ask for one next time you come to the office, or we can ship one with your next order. Just let us know!

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