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5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Open House

As you prepare for a virtual open house, remember this: just because a potential buyer is doing a virtual open house doesn’t mean they aren’t serious about making an offer. Your virtual open house should be given the same time, energy and attention as your in person showings because they are just as important!

Send invitations. Invitations should tell viewers when and where to tune in and should be sent through email and social media.* We also recommend using signage just like you would for an in person open house. Add a url or QR code to your sign riders and open house signs that lead people to your virtual open house. Don’t forget to send invitations to your real estate collegues so they can alert their potential buyers.

Interview the seller on camera. Ask them to show viewers their favorite room in the house. Have them share their favorite memory in the house and/or what they’ll miss most about it. Interviewing the sellers will really bring the home to life and add a tone of warmth and welcoming that is often missed in digital media. Watch potential buyers get excited when they hear the seller share the story of the home!

Encourage engagement. The great thing about a live broadcast is that you and the viewers can interact with each other just like you would at an in person open house. Ask and answer questions. Make jokes. Tell stories. Share your personal observations on the house. Have a raffle or contest. Play music. Be interesting and authentic and people will stay tuned in for the whole episode!

Hold more than one, if needed. Remember, hosting a virtual open house is great for social media viewership, reach and engagement. So don’t be afraid to host more than 1!

Invite viewers to connect in the future. The last thing you want is for viewers to spend 30 minutes engaging with your video and then never hear from them again. So make sure you give them plenty of ways to stay connected once the open house is over. Ask them to subscribe to or follow you on social media. Give them your phone number and email so they contact you personally if they have follow up questions. Or have a special offer that drives them to your website.

Bonus: Invest in Equipment. If you are going to make virtual open houses, or video marketing in general, part of your strategy, invest in a little bit of equipment. No no, you don’t need to hire a camera crew. But a tripod for your phone, a ring light, and phone microphone are all fairly inexpensive, easy to use and will really improve the quality of your videos and livestreams.

Need help adveristing your virtual open house? We’ve got you covered. Just email and say “Hey Bri! Help me market my virtual open house!”

*Because open houses are time sensitive, we don’t recommend advertising them through direct mail. But we highly recommend sending a Just Listed postcard with a link to the virtual tour!

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