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Do you know who you are mailing to?

If you are a real estate agent, you most likely get your mailng lists from a title company. Did you know the title company can supply two different addresses? The mailing address and the site address.

The mailing address is the mailing address for the OWNER of the home. The site address is the address of the home that is owned. In an owner occupied home, the mailing address and site address are the SAME. If a home is rented and has an absentee owner, than the mailing address and site address are DIFFERENT.

Which address should you mail to? That depends on who you want to reach. Many of our clients at One Step want to reach the owner of the home, so they send to the mailing address. This results in some addresses being outside the geographic farm, they may even be out of state.

If you want to reach the tenants, you want to send to the site address. You’ll need to specify this when you send us your list as we don’t usually mail to tenants.

Check our our handy infograph below for further explanation. If you have questions about your list, email