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Help Customers Navigate The New Normal

As coronavirus numbers decrease, California is loosening restrictions and I am beyond thrilled to slowly return to “normal” life. But, as you all know, life isn’t actually normal. The ways we conduct business, go to school and even visit friends are being dictated by rules that are new and often confusing.

How many people are allowed in this restaurant? What number do I call for curbside pickup? Where does my young son need to walk in order to safely get to class? Exactly how far is 6ft anyways?

Many times the best and fastest way to answer these questions is with a strategically placed sign. Signs on entrances, floors, points of sale and other points of contact let customers know quickly and clearly what the expectations are. These signs help operations run smoothly and efficiently, creating happy customers, satisfied employees and a business that not only adapts but succeeds in this ever changing world.

At One Step Services, we print a variety of signs and banners including floor decals, glass clings, outdoor banners, bus signage, bench signage, yard signs, billboards, cutouts and more. Bring us your own designs, or trust our talented team of graphic designers to create signs that clearly communicate your important message.

Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email to either place your sign order or receive a free consultation to help determine which signs will work best for your business.