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Why host a virtual open house?

Over the past 6 months, real estate agents have reimagined ways to showcase houses safely and effectively. Out of necessity has come the increased popularity of virtual open houses. And while restrictions in many places are being lifted, we think the virtual open house is going to be a marketing strategy that lasts long after the COVID era.

What is a virtual open house?

A virtual open house is a live event that you broadcast through social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. It’s broadcasted live so viewers and potential buyers can interact with real estate agents by asking questions and getting answers in real time.

During a virtual open house, you, the real estate agent, walk through the home giving a tour just as you would in real life. Point out unique features, favorite spots, and virtually take the viewers where they want to go. Viewers will be able to answer questions in real time and its important that real estat agents answer as many as possible on camera.

If I have a virtual tour, do I still need to do a virtual open house?

Yes. Virtual tours give wonderful information about the house, but because they are pre recorded, they usually don’t answer all of a potential buyers questions. Virtual tours pique interest, but don’t usually seal the deal.

A virtual open house gives potential buyers the opportunity to ask questions in real time and explore parts of the house the virtual tour may have missed. As viewers engage with the real estate agent, they start to imagine this house as their home. After a virtual open house, the potential buyer is more likely to make an offer or set up a private viewing.

While a virtual tour is done only once, an agents can conduct several virtual open houses. Each one provides excellent content for social media, and the recorded sessions can be shared on a blog, website or through email.

My city/state is allowing in person open houses. Should I still do virtual ones?

We think so. For one thing, live video is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement and visibility on social media. If you are taking social media marketing seriously, you’ll want to do at least one virtual open house per listing.

Secondly, despite what is allowed and what isn’t, the reality is many people are still either unable or uncomfortable going into a stranger’s home. Hosting a virtual open house may attract that one perfect buyer when an in person open house could not.

Do you have any tips for running a successful open house?

We sure do! So many we had to write another article. Go check it out

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