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Oct 15 2018

12 Weeks of Holiday Social Media Posts

To get started:

1. Click below to download all 12 social media images. Save them to your computer.

Social Media Images 2018

2. Click the link below to download all 13 social media text posts.

Social Media Weekly Schedule

3. Copy the text and paste into your social media profile. Attach the corresponding photo. Post!

If you’ve found this page, it means you are a client of One Step Services and we are so THANKFUL for your business. It is truly an honor to be trusted with your marketing strategy and we have loved being a part of your business growth journey in 2018.

As a token of our gratitude, the One Step Team has an exclusive gift for our clients. The gift is a set of 12 social media posts, with text and pictures, fully created and ready for you to download and post on all your social media channels.

Many of these posts are holiday themed, so download and start using them today! If you’d like any of these converted into postcards that you can mail to your farm or social list, let us know.

Sep 14 2018

2018 Holiday Images for Newsletter Subscribers

Below are social media images you can use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, emails and your blogs. Just right click, hit “save as” and post away!

Jun 11 2018

Summer 2018 Social Media Images

To use these photos, just right click and hit “save as.” Then use them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. PLEASE NOTE: These are low res files and should only be used digitally, not on print. If you’d like something similar created for print, let us know and we’ll crete something for you!

May 10 2018

Newsletter Freebie May 2018: Summer Content Ideas

Click the link below to download our list of 25 summer content ideas. Great ideas for social media, newsletters, direct mail postcards and blogs!

25 Summer Content Ideas

Feb 12 2018

BHHS REImagine Templates

Direct mail is still a relevant, effective marketing strategy. When done consistently, and when seen as a partner to digital instead of a competitor, direct mail generates leads, increases sales, drives traffic to websites, and increases brand awareness and trust.

If you’re ready to get started with direct mail for real estate, or you want to start again, we’ve got THE EASIEST solution for you.

Are you ready?

1. Pick a postcard (or postcards) from the options below.
2. Fill out the order form (or forms)
3. Submit your order form with your agent photo (if we don’t already have it)
4. Approve your proof when we send it
5. Answer the phone when recipients call you!

That’s it! No content creation, no trips to the post office, to applying stamps. We do it all. Scroll down to see all of the BHHS templates we have ready to mail for you!

Buyer Connect Order Form

Home’s Value Order Form

Core Values Order Form

Buyers Connect Campaign








These postcards let homeowners know you have qualified buyers looking to purchase their home. They encourage homeowners to contact you about selling.

Download Buyer Connect Order Form

Home’s Value Campaign








We watched the presentation for your new Home Valuation Site and it is so cool! These postcards direct people to your Home Valuation Site and help you make the most of that tool.

Download Home’s Value Order Form

Core Values Campaign








This series of postcards demonstrates the core values of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties. It allows you to utilize the power of the BHHS brand to gain listings.

Download Core Values Order Form

Looking for something more custom?

We offer fully custom design services and can create a unique logo and brand just for you. We can then take that brand and convert it into powerfully effective direct mail postcards, property flyers, signs, stationery, etc. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 to set up your free consultation.

Feb 09 2018

You spun, you won, and now it’s time to order!

Hey there! My name is Brianna, I’m the marketing strategist here at One Step Services. We met at the BHHS REImagine event on February 1, where you spun our prize wheel and won something awesome.

I know some of you have already cashed in those prizes and that is so rad! If you haven’t, I just want to encourage you to give us a call and place your order, 949-587-5301. Or email

Why? Glad you asked.

It’s silly to throw away free things

I did this once. I sat through a horrific time share meeting, earned a free trip to Catalina and then NEVER CASHED IT IN! That was 10 years ago and I still regret it. Don’t make the same mistake. Use that free stuff!

Click to see samples of our products. 

We genuinely want to work with you

We had a GREAT time at REImagine. Everyone that came to our booth was full of energy and enthusiasm for 2018. I’ve been to several of these types of events and can honestly say that the agents we met last week where the most positive fun loving group I’ve met. You are exactly the type of clients we want to work with, so give us a call!

Click to read testimonials from our clients

If you do the same things you’ve always done…

…you’ll keep getting the same results. If you’re like me, you absolutely DO NOT want the same results as last year. So why not try something different? We aren’t just a print company. We offer creative design, consultation, print and direct mail services. We are here to guide you, set up campaigns, remind you when it’s time to mail, integrate you print and digital marketing, and basically be your marketing right arm.

Give us a call at 949-587-5301 to schedule your free consultation and learn how you can do things differently in 2018.


Nov 29 2017

Newsletter Freebie – 2018 First Quarter Social Images

To use these photos, left click on the image to make it bigger. Then right click and hit “save as.” Save to your computer, then use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in your emails or wherever else you want.

Aug 25 2017

unbranded PDFs showing big versions of GivingTuesday templates

unbranded giving tuesday postcards unbranded giving tuesday social media images unbranded GivingTuesday rack cards

Jul 06 2017

Newsletter Freebies

Below is a suggested schedule that includes mailing, walk and drop, social media, emailing and miscellaneous activities. When you know you need to market but you aren’t sure what to do, pull out this guide.

Marketing Schedule for Real Estate Agents


Downloadable Christmas tags 2017

downloadable christmas tags 2017


Jun 06 2017

Newsletter Freebie: Bucket List Social Media JPEGS

Simply click on a photo to see a bigger version, then right click on the photo, hit save as, and save to your desktop. Then upload to your social media channel of choice! Please note that these jpegs are very low resolution and if you try to print them, you’ll be disappointed with the results. Let us print them for you, and mail them too! Here’s the order form Summer Bucket Order Form


San Diego County Bucket List

Los Angeles County Bucket List

Orange County Bucket List

Good Cause Marketing