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Nov 14 2012

3 Reasons to Update Your Business Brand

With only two months left in 2012, small business owners and independent contractors are creating business and marketing plans to improve their business in 2013. During this process, many are considering updating their business brands. Updating can be a tricky thing. You want your brand to stay consistent so you build recognition and trust. However, there may be specific things about your brand that are preventing further business growth.

Your target audience has changed.

Take a good hard look at your biggest client demographic and ask yourself “Does my brand still connect with these people?” Perhaps your original brand was targeted to people living in the beach cities, but you’ve expanded your business and want to market to people living in inland cities as well. Or maybe you started out by marketing to the middle class but now you’re working with more high-end patrons. If your clientele has changed, it’s time for your brand to change as well.

Your brand is outdated.

Designs go in and out of style like the tides. Perhaps your brand was created to reflect a very specific taste for a very specific time period. You may notice now that the brand simply isn’t grabbing the attention of new customers. If that’s the case, it may be time to slightly modernize the brand. Even something as simple as a slight logo, color or font change will give your brand a fresh, new look while still retaining the properties that make it recognizable and loved by current clients.

Your brand simply isn’t working.

Perhaps your brand is just a few months or years old, but it simply isn’t working for your company. Perhaps it’s not connecting with your target audience, not clearly communicating what kind of business your running, or it’s creating an unforeseen negative emotional connection. Conduct market research to pinpoint exactly why your brand isn’t working, then work to change those elements.

If you decide it is time to change your brand, give us a call! We’ll help you identify why your brand isn’t working and revise it so that it successfully carries you through 2013 and beyond. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email

UPDATE: Found this great article about famous brands who have successfully changed and upgraded their logos throughout the years

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