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Nov 07 2012

6 Things You Aren’t Posting on Twitter (But Should!)

As I look at various Twitter accounts owned by real estate agents and brokers, I notice that many are posting some great things about open houses, new listings, local real estate markets, the economy, real estate politics, etc. All of this is very good information and very useful to many followers. The problem is that all too often that’s all I see. And while real estate info is important, the average person isn’t going to be interested in real estate all the time. You may get someone who follows you while they are buying or selling a home, but when the process is over they’ll unfollow you if you don’t keep their attention.

To keep all your followers engaged, mix things up and add some information that people in your target area would be interested in even if they aren’t buying or selling a home.

If they interact with you while they aren’t conducting real estate business, chances are very high they’ll continue to interact with you when they are.

twitter marketingCommunity Events
Where to find the info: City websites, local newspapers, newsletters, friends and clients.
When to post it: Make sure to post information about upcoming events a few days before the actual event. If its a big event, write a tweet a couple weeks beforehand and then another one a few days before.
How to post: People can find the basic information about the event just about anywhere, so don’t waste your 140 characters telling them what they already know. Instead, put your personal touch on it. Did you go to this event last year? Do you know the band that is playing? Tell people that unique information to make your tweet relevant. You can always put a link to the event details so people can find out more.

Community Information and News
Where to find the info: Sign up to receive city newsletters in your email box. Check chamber of commerce sites, city newspapers and community blogs like Patch.
When to post: Post important news, information, alerts and reminders in a timely manner. If it happened two weeks ago, its old news and probably won’t interest many people.
How to post: Again, your goal is to put a new spin on information many people may already know. Instead of just giving a synopsis of the story with a link, give your opinion, ask a question or add information not included in the article that you link too.

Homeowner Tips
Where to find the info: Your own knowledge, Pinterest,,
When to post: Post tips that are relevant to specific events or times of year. For example, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy it would be helpful to post about homeowners insurance. During the summer, post tips for keep your house cool. In the winter, tweet tips for winter gardening.
How to post: If possible, try to condense the tip to 140 characters. Your followers won’t always have time to click on the links you post and read full articles, so they’ll appreciate a few tweets that are complete on their own

Moving Tips
Where to find the info: Personal experience, experience from clients, or moving company websites (U-Haul, Two Men and a Truck,
When to post: Whenever you want. There is always somebody moving and looking for advice.
How to post: If possible, write the whole tip in 140 characters. If you have more tips, put a link to an article you wrote or that was written by someone else. Better yet, make all the tips into tweets and schedule them to publish throughout the day or week. If you took the tip from someone else, make sure you give them a @mention or post a link to the original content.

Buying and Selling Tips
Where to find the info: YOUR BRAIN! This is your area of expertise and you need to establish yourself as an expert and credible source. The best way to do this is by posting your own content. If your having trouble coming up with content, just think about questions your clients ask and problems they encounter. Your solutions to those things make great Twitter tips.
When to post: Post these tips often to establish yourself as a credible source in the field and to remind your followers that real estate is your business.
How to post: These tips should not be promoting your business, but instead answering questions, solving problems and giving valuable information to your followers. Make sure you keep the tips short, simple and relevant.

Reviews and Recommendations
Where to find the info: These posts should be gleaned from your own experiences. When you eat at a new restaurant, when you find a reliable plumber, when you have a positive experience with a customer service rep, tell your followers about it! They are following you because they respect your opinion and they’ll find your recommendations and reviews helpful.
When to post: Post right after your experience so the details are fresh in your mind.
How to post:  Remember the old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Keep the reviews positive, as no one likes to listen to a digital complainer and negative reviews could lead to a retaliation. If you do have a negative experience and feel that you must post a review, keep it factual and refrain from insults and name calling.

I’d love to see what your posting! Leave your Twitter handle in the comments below and I’ll follow you! And if you want to follow One Step you can follow us @OneStepServices.

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