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Apr 22 2014

7 Gifts to Your Buyers Would Love to Receive at Closing

We design and print wine bottle boxes and labels. They are fully customized to display whatever logo, colors or brand you'd like

We design and print wine bottle boxes and labels. They are fully customized to display whatever logo, colors or brand you’d like

Why give a closing gift? In a word: referrals. During the home buying process, your clients talk to you on a daily basis. But once the new paint is up and the boxes are unpacked, they will settle into life and slowly start to forget about their experience, and you. Giving a gift, especially one that can be reused and that has your business brand on it, is a great way to ensure that you stay at top of mind. Every time they use the gift they’ll remember you and the next time a friend mentions buying or selling a home, your past clients will say “I know the perfect real estate agent for you!”

  • Bottle of Wine and Engraved Wine Glasses- Hand them a bottle of closing cabernet to celebrate their new home. Make the gift extra special by including wine glasses engraved with their name and the year the house was bought. You can brand this gift by putting the wine bottle in a box customized with your logo and contact information. In fact, our designers at One Step can design and print custom wine bottle boxes just for you.
  • Homeowners Tool Kit- Fill a container, such as a large mason jar, with odds and ends that people need when moving such as batteries, screwdriver, tape, permanent marker, sponge, and dish soap. You can brand this gift by adding a label with your logo and contact information. If you need labels, let us know and we’ll create and print custom ones just for you.
  • Soup in a Jar- Put all the dry ingredients for soup in a large mason jar. After a long day of moving, your buyers just have to add water and they’ll instantly have a delicious meal. You can brand this gift by ordering custom labels from One Step and sticking them on the jars.
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate- After a long day of moving, nobody feels like cooking. Treat your clients to dinner buy purchasing a gift card to a local restaurant. Skip the chain restaurants and go for one that is unique to the area. Not only will they enjoy the free meal, but they’ll love getting acquainted with a small business unique to the area. You can brand this gift by putting it in one of the personalized notecards you’ve ordered from One Step.
  • New Address Postcards- Snap a picture of your buyers in front of their house, then put it on a postcard along with their new address. Hand them a stack of 50-100 so they can send them out to friends and family and inform them of their new address. You can brand this gift by taking a the photo next to your yard sign so recipients see your information.
  • Memory Plate- Commemorate this momentous occasion with a memory plate. Grab a solid color dinner plate from a dollar store. With permanent marker write down all the important events that led to the purchase of the house. Bake the plate at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and the design will stick. Add some baked treats for extra pizazz. You can brand this gift by putting your full name somewhere on the plate and on the back you can put your contact info.
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood packet- This is a great gift if your buyers are new to the area. Include in the packet a list of contractors you personally recommend to help them with any home improvement or maintenance issues they may encounter. You can also include a list of important phone numbers for utility companies, schools, vets, doctors, etc. Instructions to local museums, parks, grocery stores and restaurants are also helpful. Add a couple gift cards to local businesses and you’ve got a practical gift new homeowners will love. You can brand this gift by putting the lists on flyers that bear your business brand.

While these gifts may require a little extra time and money, they are great ways to maintain relationships with past clients that will lead to referrals. Consider these quick tips to make gift giving easier and more beneficial to your business.

  • Buy gifts in bulk and keep them on hand. That way you aren’t scrambling for one at every closing.
  • Instead of giving a gift at closing, consider sending a gift on the one-year anniversary of the home purchase. Its a great way to remind clients of your business once the craziness of moving has settled.
  • In addition to your gift, leave buyers with a small package of promotional items such as a magnet, notepad and pen. These items should have your name and business brand all over them, and every time clients use them they’ll be reminded of their exceptional experience with you.

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