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Jan 16 2014

8 Ways One Step Can Help You Build Brand Visibility

In our last article we talked about building brand recognition. One important way of building brand recognition is to make your brand visible to your target audience over and over and over and over and over again. They need to see your brand in their mailboxes, email inboxes, on their commute to work, in their favorite magazines and on websites they frequently visit. Repeated exposure will turn strangers into prospects, prospects into clients and clients into repeat customers who tell their friends how great your business is.

We know that as a small business owner, you want to increase brand visibility and build brand recognition, but you aren’t sure how. And even if you did know how, where would you find the time? That’s where we come in. We know how to expose your target audience to your brand and we have the tools to do your marketing for you. There are literally hundreds of different ways we can help you, but here are 10 things that highlight our most popular services.

  • We can turn your car into a mobile billboard.  In Southern California, we spend a lot of time sitting in traffic looking at other people’s cars. Why not capitalize on that? We can create bumper stickers and magnets with your brand and whatever messaging you desire. This type of marketing requires very little effort on your part and can last for quite a while without needing to be updated.  The next time someone sits next to you in traffic, they’ll be exposed to your brand. They might even use their hands free set to call you right then and find out more about your business.
  • We can bring customers in your door with coupons. How many times have you tried a new restaurant, or Very few things will get new clients in your doors faster than a discount. Our graphic designers at One Step can create branded mailers with detachable coupons, print them and send them to a list of addresses that you provide.
  • We can direct people to your business with signage.  Yes you need signs for your storefront, but think bigger than that. How about putting a sign on a busy intersection by your place of business? There is a cupcake bakery tucked away in a business park near our office. We wouldn’t even know that it existed if the owners didn’t put signs on the corners of a busy intersection nearby. You may also need signs for trade shows, open houses, farmers markets, community events, and point of sale. Just tell us what you want to use your signs for and we’ll suggest the best size, material and mounting style.
  • We can create print ready advertising. Are you looking to build brand recognition by advertising in magazines or newspapers? Simply send us the ad specs (the publication can provide that to you) and we’ll create an ad to match those specs. We can even email it to the publication for you if you’d like. We are also able to create some digital ads as well, just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  • We can bring people to your next event with email invitations. Are you having an open house this weekend? Is there a week long sale going on at your retail store? Share this news with past and potential clients through a mass email, also known as an eblast. We can design one and send it on your behalf. Once it is sent, we can provide you with information about who opened the email so you can follow up.
  • We can build your contact list with return reply flyers. Do you like the idea of sending out eblasts but don’t know who you would send it to? Collect email address and other contact information from prospective clients by mailing a return reply flyer. A return reply flyer has a detachable form that people can fill out and return to you. Usually there is some incentive for them to do this, like a contest or free product. Have a space on the form for email and viola, you’ve started a list of people interested in your business who would appreciate receiving your branded marketing emails.
  • We can keep you at top of mind with presentation packets. Are you meeting with retail stores to convince them to sell your product? Are you running a home improvement business that frequently gives estimates to potential clients? Are you introducing your business at a conference or tradeshow? When you’re competing for someone’s business it’s important to stay top of mind. Putting your proposals on branded letterhead, having a full color brochure that highlights your best features, and having a uniquely designed business card will help those potential clients remember who you are and why they want to work with you. We can create all these for you, as well as a branded presentation folder to keep everything in.
  • We can create repeat exposure with events schedules. The point of all these marketing tactics is to expose your brand to people over and over again. What better way to gain repeat exposure than by giving people something they’ll keep on their fridge and reference over and over again? We routinely compile baseball, football, Olympic, and holiday events schedules. You can put a schedule on the back of a postcard that bears your company brand. People will routinely reference the postcard throughout the season and each time they do, they’ll be reminded to do business with you.

Need help with something that’s not on the list? No problem. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email and we’ll make it happen.


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