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Apr 21 2016

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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If you send direct mail consistently, you know that it’s effective. But if you have noticed a drop in responses, or if you have a message you want to draw attention to, you may want to ditch the traditional postcard and do something unique to capture your audience’s attention.

Make it bigger. A typical postcard ranges in size from 4×6 to 8.5×5.5. If you want your piece to stand out, make it bigger. Try a square size like 8.5×8.5 or a large size like an 11×17 foldover.

Make it shapely. Another way to make your piece stand out is to make it a unique shape. Something basic like a circle is effective, or you can do something more detailed that is related to your business.

Make it handwritten. Handwritten messages always get more attention than typed ones. you can put your direct mail piece in an envelope with a handwritten address or you can leave space on the back of your postcard for a handwritten message.

Make it lumpy. Lumpy mail includes something more than just paper. It could be a small product sample, a magnet or a small with your brand. People are much more likely to read your piece if there is something attached to it.

Make it sticky. Sticky mail is mail that people will around their house for reference. Sports schedules and community events schedules make great sticky pieces, as do notepads.

Make it interactive. Motivate recipients to take some sort of action on the piece. Make it a coloring contest that they can mail back for a price. Or make it a game they can cut out and use, like a cootie catcher.

Make it a discount. Everybody loves a discount. So include some sort of coupon with your mailing. Be sure to set an expiration date so the recipient is motivated to use it soon.

Make it personal. Variable data can add personal information to the message. Whether its something as simple as a name, or something a little more complicated like purchase history, this is one of the most effective ways to increase responses in your mailings.

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