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Dec 03 2012

A Motivational Quote A Day Keeps the Lazy Away

I don’t know about you, but I need an extra dose of motivation this morning. The rain and gloom outside is making me lazy and I’d much rather be in bed reading a good book than sitting at my desk. Plus, my husband has the day off so I’m super jealous of that. But when I came in this morning, I found this great quote by Zig Ziglar.

I decided to follow the wise words of Mr. Ziglar and get my daily dose of motivation. I took a quick second and thought of three reasons why I need to work extra hard today.

  1. The holidays are coming up and our office will be closed for 2 weeks. I need work quickly to wrap up my end of the year projects.
  2. My coworkers are working hard, and some of them are even working hard while sick! If they are working hard, I should too.
  3. I need that pay check! Of course, there are many things besides money that I love about my job, but during this time of year money is always a huge motivation for me. Someone’s got to help Santa fulfill the wish lists of my nieces and nephews!

What about you? What is motivating you to work hard today?

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