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May 31 2013

You Don’t Have To Create All Of Your Own Social Media Marketing Content

Marketing is all about consistency. If you’re going to use direct mail marketing, you must mail 2-4 times a month. If you’re going to use email marketing, you best be ready to send out a minimum of one email a week. And if you’re going to use social media, you should be able to post to your sites daily.

The thought of generating enough content to keep up with all of these marketing strategies is overwhelming, to say the least. Let me put your mind at ease with this one helpful hint: you don’t have to create all of your own content. Not every blog post has to be based on personal experience or knowledge, not every Twitter post has to link to your blog and not every Facebook post has to be a question or fact you pull out of your own brain. Yes, you need to create a lot of your own content but it’s perfectly okay to supplement it with content you curate from other sources. Didn’t have a chance to write a blog this week? Share some links to interesting articles from other blogs. Don’t know what to say on your Twitter? Retweet something one of your  followers posted.

Just like content creation, content curation should benefit your readers and followers. Pay attention to the needs and questions of your audience, as well as topics they are already discussing, and share information that they will find helpful and relevant.

To show you how content curation works, I’ve curated a list of various blogs and websites that provide viral information. All of these are geared towards real estate agents and real estate marketers, since that is our primary audience, but non real estate agents can use this list to get an idea of what types of sites they should be looking for. I recommend adding these sites to your RSS feed, subscribing to daily emails or following them on Twitter, whatever makes it easy for you to frequently visit these sites and share their content.

Real Estate News

  • The KCM Blog– This blog has lots of good information for agents, buyers and sellers. It’s presented in a way that’s easy to understand, which means it’s easy for you to share with your readers.
  • The Bigger Pockets Blog– This extensive online magazine covers a variety of topics including general real estate, real estate news, real estate investing, retirement, and business management. You’ll find a lot of information that will help you run a better business as well as great info to share with your clients.
  • Newspaper- Despite technological advances and an overwhelming amount of information sources, the local newspaper remains an excellent source of real estate information. And since they are all online, it’s easy to share articles with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers. Check out the OC Register, LA Times, and UT San Diego.
  • HousingWire– A regularly updated online magazine covering a variety of real estate and financial topics. Includes housing information from around the nation.
  • Visually– This site is dedicated to providing you with infographs, which are visual representations of data. Go to the site and search “real estate” and you’ll find lots of interesting infographs to share.

Community Information-

  • City websites- Regularly visit the websites of cities where you do business for information on upcoming events, local politics, land developments, city services, etc. I also recommend following cities on Twitter for up to date information on things like road closures.
  • Community Organizations- Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Rotary Club and public library often host community events that you’re clients would probably love to know about. Visit their sites regularly and sign up for their newsletters to stay up to date.
  • Tourism sites- Sometimes residents are oblivious to the amenities in their own home town. Tourism websites give great ideas for exploring the local community, something you’re readers and followers are sure to appreciate.
  • Special interest sites- Is there a particular club or organization that is unique to your city? Perhaps a theme park, museum, or knitting club? Stay connected with those and share thier info. They’ll appreciate the free promotion your followers will appreciate the information.

Homeowner Information-

  • This Old House– Great tips for renovation and restoration of everything from furniture to entire houses.
  • Houselogic– In addition to home improvement articles, this blog gives great info about homeowners insurance, taxes, financing, emergency preparedness and green living. Plus it’s published by the National Association of Realtors, so you know the info is reliable.
  • Young House Love– This super fun, personable blog is a DIY diary written by a young couple renovating an older house in Virginia. Your followers will love all of the inexpensive, DIY projects you share from this blog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because content is on the internet doesn’t mean you can use it any way you choose. Before reposting content, check the terms of use and copyright information on every site and make sure you comply with all their rules of sharing. We have seen many clients get in trouble for copyright violation simply because they didn’t understand the proper way to repurpose and share information. Protect yourself and respect the rights of content creators by being informed.


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