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Apr 11 2013

Dear Internet, You Sit On A Throne of Lies!

A couple months ago, customer service got a call from someone asking if we fix printers. It seemed a little odd, since we’ve never been in the printer repair business, but we didn’t really think much of it. We are in the print business, so maybe that person just got confused.

However, these calls kept coming. Every few weeks we’d get a call asking about our printer repair services. Clearly this was more than the confusion of a few people. So the next time someone called, customer service politely explained that we do not fix printers, then asked where they had gotten our number. “The Yellow Pages. You’re listed there under printer repair.”

I checked our online Yellow Page listing, which we had never set up, and sure enough, we were listed under printer repair instead of print services. There was nothing on that listing about us being a marketing company, mailing house or graphic design firm. Our office phone number was there, along with 4 other phone numbers that weren’t related to our business at all. As I said earlier, we had never even set up a Yellow Pages listings so I have no idea how that information got posted. Luckily, it was fairly easy to fix now its set up exactly the way we want it to be. And we haven’t received a printer repair call since.

This experience taught me that I need to be more proactive in monitoring our company’s online mentions. I know what online profiles I’ve set up and I check them regularly, but clearly there are websites where profiles have been set up for us and reviews have been written about us without our knowledge. Below are the steps I plan on taking, feel free to copy me.

  • Set up Google Alerts so you receive and email every time your company is mentioned.
  • Got to sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, Google Places, and City Squares and search for your business. If a profile pops up, claim ownership and edit it so it displays the proper information about your business. If there are reviews for your business, take the time to read and respond accordingly.
  • Periodically Google your company, as well as the names of key players in the company. This will help you keep tabs of what is being said about your company in the news and on social sites.
  • There are free online tools that allow you to track mentions of your company, and terms related to your company, on social media. Take a look at Social Mention and Ice Rocket.

How do you manage your company’s online reputation? Are there specific tools or software you use?

And in case you’re wondering where I got the blog title, do yourself a favor and watch this clip. It will make your day.




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