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Mar 26 2015

Easy Ways To Convert Digital Marketing Into Direct Mail Marketing

digital and direct mail marketingAre you looking to add direct mail marketing to your current marketing strategy? You should!

According to the Direct Marketing Association, 79% of direct mail recipients act on a mail piece immediately. According to a USPS survey, 64% of people value the marketing mail they receive. At One Step Services, we have several clients who consider direct mail an important lead generation tool.

Adding direct mail to your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult or increase your workload. One Step Services can easily convert the content you are using for digital marketing into direct mail marketing pieces.

Tweets about community news
A great compliment to tweets about community news and events would be a community events calendar which could be placed on a postcard, a flyer, or even a large door hanger. Another great piece would be a community newsletter that bears your brand and has helpful information about real estate and the community.

Articles shared on Facebook
While it’s not effective to simply paste an article on a postcard and send it out, you can use an article for postcard content. Summarize the article in 3-5 bullet points or create an Infograph. Include a strong call to action and encourage recipients to contact you with further questions.

YouTube Videos
If you have created a video for a listing, include the URL on the Just Listed postcard and the property flyer. If you’ve created an instrauctional video, create a door hanger with a strong call to action and a URL to the video.

Yelp Reviews
turn those reviews into a postcard. People appreciate recommendations from trusted community members for restaurants, shops, servicemen and other local businesses.

Follow Me
You can use direct mail to get more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or any other site. Compile a list of your most popular tweets, put them on a postcard and say something like “Want to stay up to date on the latest real estate news? Follow me on Twitter!” To encourage people to follow you on Instagram, you can create a collage of your most popular Instagram photos and pair it with a strong call to action.

Direct mail marketing and digital marketing are powerful tools in their won right. When used together, real estate agents and small business owners see unparalleled success in lead generation, increased sales and more loyal customers.

Don’t have time to do it all? No problem. Call One Step Services and we’ll do it for you! 9494-587-5301.

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