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Mar 28 2013

Direct Mail 101: How Often Should I Send Mail?

ID-10045537-1As we gear up for baseball season, I am once again hoping for a good season for my favorite team, the Angels. They’ve shelled out big money for power hitters, cleaned up bullpen and are still basking in the glory of AL Rookie of the Year Mike Trout. By all accounts, it should be a great season. And yet, that’s what we said last year and the team ended the season without a division championship.

In a recent Associated Press article, Manager Mike Scioscia explains why. “Little inconsistent stretches are what cost us last year, and we need to eliminate them.”

Inconsistency. It’s the reason a Major League team with a multimillion dollar payroll is suffering from a playoff drought, and probably the reason by your direct mail efforts aren’t producing award winning results.

When determining how often you should mail, the answer is simple: mail as much as you can while remaining consistent and within budget. For some people, that only amounts to once a month. For others, it means once a week. However often you mail, make sure you are able to do it consistency over the

Why is consistency so important? During the 2012 season, the Angels won 89 games, more games than the team that ended up wining the AL Championship, Detroit Tigers. In baseball, the total number of wins isn’t all that matters, you also need to win the right games. Unfortunately for the LA team, their inconsistent streaks usually showed up at the most inopportune times. The same is true in marketing, particularly real estate marketing.  Buying and selling a home is usually done every 10-30 years. If you’re marketing pieces aren’t in the hands of potential clients when they are ready to buy or sell, then all of your previous marketing efforts are a bust. You have to stay consistent to stay relevant, stay at the forefront of people’s minds and turn potentials into clients.

How often should you send mail? As often as you can afford to send it consistently. Of course, the more you send mail the better your results. But if you can only afford once a month right now, do that then expand to 2, 3 or even 4 times a month. The more money and time you put into your direct mail marketing efforts, the better your return. I hope that this is the year you see a big boom in business, and that this is the year the Angels make it back the World Series. 🙂

YOUR TURN: How often do you send direct mail? Which team are you rooting for this baseball season?

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