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Mar 12 2013

Direct Mail Advice From Top Producing Real Estate Agents

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The Geronsins: Genelle, Carole and George

I recently had the privilege of talking with one of our clients, top producing real estate agent, Genelle Geronsin. Genelle Geronsin is part of a real estate team called The Geronsins, which includes her mother Carole and her brother George. In 2012, The Geronsins were #1 in North Orange County sales volume and had 38% more sales than any other North OC real estate team. During the interview, Genelle discussed her team’s direct mail marketing efforts and how they contribute to the team’s success.

Why types of content do you send out?

We consistently send pieces that show houses we have just listed and just sold. Those tend to be the pieces that get the most response. We also send out market updates and open house invitations. We’ve found that people are more interested in the real estate business being conducted in their area than they are in recipes or homeowner tips. So except for our Christmas cards, we only send out pieces related to local real estate business.

Who do you send direct mail to?

We have several segregated farms in North Orange County that we send too. We usually mail a total of 3-4 times a month, and we send to different farms depending on what activity is being conducted. We also have a sphere of influence list that includes past clients. We only send to that list occasional market updates. We don’t want to bombard them with unnecessary information, we just want to stay in the forefront of their minds so they will use us for repeat business and send us referrals.

How do you know your direct mail has been successful?

A lot of our business comes from the farms that we mail too. When people call us, they’ll say “We’ve been getting your stuff for years. We’ve seen what’s been going on and we know you guys can sell our house.” Consistently mailing to the same farm areas has built our brand recognition, established our team as experts and caused the phone to ring.

Direct mail is one of our most successful marketing endeavors. People are so bombarded with email that they quickly delete anything that faintly resembles an ad. With direct mail there is less competition. Also, recipients don’t have to open anything. The information is put right in their face and they are more likely to pay attention.

How do you integrate your direct mail marketing with other types of marketing?

When we are going to show a house before it hits the market, we’ll advertise the open house in the newspaper and on our website. Then we’ll follow up with a direct mail piece.

The Geronsins have a beautiful brand. What inspired it?

We knew that we needed a unique business brand to help us stand out from all the other real estate agents in the area and make our marketing pieces memorable. We looked at several different brands and picked out elements that we liked. We were also adamant about having our picture as part of the brand. The fact that we are a family real estate team makes us unique and we wanted to make that a focus of our brand. We gave all those elements to the One Step graphic designers and they came up with the wonderful brand we have today.

Have you ever changed or updated your brand?

Yes. The brand we have today is the result of several different changes and upgrades. We had to keep changing it because people would copy our brand (we now have our current brand copyrighted to prevent infringement.) I love the brand we have now but I wouldn’t recommend changing a brand several times. The whole purpose of the brand is to be recognizable and if the brand keeps changing, people aren’t going to recognize it.

What marketing advice would you give to new real estate agents?

When you start farming, locate an area with a good amount of sales and consistent turnover. In an area like that, there will always be potential clients and business. Most new agents don’t have their own business activity or accolades to put in their marketing pieces, so they should work with their broker’s marketing coordinator and use the broker’s business activity.

If you’re looking for direct mail marketing success, you’ve come to the right place. One Step handles direct mail for the Geronsin Team and we’d love to manage your campaign as well. Visit our website, call us at 949-587-5301 or email to get started. And if you’re looking for a real estate agent to help you sell or buy a North Orange County home, contact the Geronsin team at 714-283-6649 or visit

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