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Oct 18 2012

Engage Facebook Fans By Asking Questions

Facebook is all about engaging your followers. It’s great to have a lot of likes, but if those people are not commenting on or liking your posts then your Facebook page isn’t doing you any good. Increase engagement and you’ll increase your business, sales, referrals, loyal customers and amount of likes.

One easy way to increase engagement is to ask questions. People on Facebook love to answer questions, especially if it’s a question about themselves. Below are 5 types of questions you can ask your Facebook followers to increase engagement.

  1. Ask general questions about their personal lives. Ex: What did you guys do this weekend?
  2. Ask questions that help you get to know your fans better: Ex: If you could have one super power what would it be?
  3. Ask questions that help you understand your fans relationship with your business. Ex: Have you done business with us in the past year? Like if the answer is yes.
  4. Ask questions that help you understand the way your clients feel about your products and services. Ex: Which of our products do you order most?
  5. Ask questions related to current events. Ex: How are you staying cool during this crazy hot autumn?

How do you encourage and increase engagement on your Facebook page?

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