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Jan 21 2014

Get 10% off Winter Olympic Schedule Postcards

Looking for something to mail in January? Our Olympic Schedule postcards are perfect mailing pieces. They provide interesting information that the recipient will not only read but hold on to for reference. Every time they go to look up an Olympic event, they’ll be reminded of your business.

  • Postcard is 8.5×5.5, full color and glossy
  • Schedule shows what day each sport is played and when medals are awarded
  • There is space for your agent photo, name and contact information
  • Print and return is 34  cents each with a 100 postcard minimum
  • Print and mailed to a farm is 71 cents each with a 200 minimum
  • Print and mailed to a social list is 77 cents each with a 200 minimum
  • A $12 design fee applies to all orders

Sending this postcard requires very little effort from you. Simply give us your agent photo and contact information (unless we already have it on file) as well as a list of addresses to mail to and we’ll take care of the rest! Order by January 24th and receive 10% of printing costs. Simply call 949-587-5301 or email


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