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Jul 31 2013

How One Real Estate Agent Successfully Rebranded Her Business

Nichole Doughty Group is the perfect example of successful rebranding. Previously, Nichole had a small boutique real estate company with distinct oval signs. Once Nichole and her team moved to a different company and a new location, they needed an updated brand.

“We chose One Step because they were the ones who helped us design the oval sign that we created years ago. That oval has always remained our signature and we wanted it incorporated in the new brand.”- Nichole Doughty. Our designers knew it was important to modernize the brand while still keeping some of the most recognizable elements. The oval shaped logo and watercolor style were kept while the name of the brand was changed, the font was made more contemporary, and the watercolor artwork changed slightly to better represent the new location.

The rebranding of the Nichole Doughty Group has been a success. Recipients in her new farm can identify with the new brand, while those familiar with the old brand recognize the distinct oval design and know that this is the same group they’ve known and trusted in the past.

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