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Jun 14 2016

June’s Tip Tuesdays: Increase Your Productivity

Readers, my brain is tired. I leave for 3 months in August and I’ve been cranking out blog posts and social media posts and content ready ideas in the hopes of getting everything scheduled and automated when I’m gone. I almost forgot to to Tip Tuesdays for June, and when I sat down to write them, by brain would not cooperate. Luckily, the internet exists. So while these months tips are curated, and not created from my own brain, I think you’ll find them just has helpful. Make sure you click on the links associated with each tip, as they lead to articles with even more tips. Happy Tuesday!

  1. To be more productive, schedule prospecting appointments first
  2. To be more productive, use a desktop app to limit online distractions
  3. To be more productive, schedule your day around your emotions and energy levels
  4. To be more productive, use positive affirmations

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