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Nov 25 2013

Mailbox Monday- A sales pitch I didn’t mind reading

Seeing as I work in the direct mail marketing biz, I pay attention to my junk mail more than the average person. Every so often I come across a piece that strikes my fancy, either because it’s particularly good or particularly bad. When I come across these pieces, I share them in a fun little segment I call “Mailbox Monday.”

Last week, I received this email from a vendor we worked with at the beginning of the year.

Hi Brianna,

It’s been a while since we’ve worked together, and I just wanted to check and see if this email was still active and if you had any need of our services! We are still the best for Promotional Products and have your logo on file if you have any projects on the horizon.

Please let me know how I can assist you and earn your business again.

Thank you,

I appreciated this email for several reasons. One, it was personal. It was addressed to me specifically and it was signed by a specific sales rep. Its amazing how simply using personal names, instead of generic terms like “client” or the business name, can make a piece of communication much more appealing to the recipient.

A second thing that I appreciated about this email was that it was short, simple and to the point. Between work and taking care of my infant son, I do not have time to read a long, drawn out sales pitch.  Nor do I have the patience to dicipher a complicated discount (if you order this many products by this time while standing on your head and eating banana, we’ll give you 50% off!). I appreciated that the sales rep respected my time and said what he needed to say quickly.

Thirdly, this email does a great job of being customer centric, while at the same time promoting the business. I read tons of marketing blogs and they all say the same thing “Focus your marketing on the customer! Identify and address the customers needs. Talk about the customer more than yourself.” All of this is great advice and is crucial to a successful marketing plan. However, if you only focus on the customer and never promote yourself, you won’t make the sale. This email essentially says “if you have a need, we are the best ones to meet that need.” The sales rep also points out that he has my logo on file, reminding me that it would be much easier to place orders with them than starting with another company. He addressed a need (I need things to be easy) and told me how he could meet that need (they already have my artwork on file so placing an order is easy).

The last thing I appreciated about this email was that a  real live person from the vendor took the time to reach out to me. I actually responded to this email, which is something I rarely do, and thanked the service rep for reaching out. And he responded with a simple thank you, again reminding me that a real live person is taking the time to communicate with me.

When its all said and done, I didn’t place an order with the sales rep that day because I simply did not need his services. However, the next time I do, you can bet that I’ll be going directly to him. Hopefully he continues to occasionally reach out to me to keep himself at the forefront of my mind.

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