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May 23 2016

Mailbox Monday: Add a Personalized Note to Your Mailing

The other day, I went to mailbox and pulled out a white envelope with my name and address handwritten on the front. I don’t often get hand addressed mail, so I opened it up, expecting it to be from a friend.

It was a brochure for a solar power company.

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I chuckled to myself “Oh that’s a good strategy. Not only did I open it, I was excited about opening it.” As I looked at the brochure, a handwritten note fell out.

I’ll be in your neighborhood for the next two weeks, installing a new solar system for one of your neighbors.

Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to schedule an appointment so I can give you a quote on a new solar system for your house.


Quite a few things about this note stuck out to me. First, it was personalized, using my name and the technician’s name and a laid back, casual tone. Second, he mentions that he is doing work for my neighbors. I didn’t think solar panels were allowed in my neighborhood, so the fact that he said he was installing really sparked my interest. Thirdly, the fact that it was handwritten told me that this guy was serious about getting my business. And that made me serious about learning more.

I read the brochure front to back. The brochure itself was also very impressive, with lots of visual and simple explanations of why solar energy is so important. I didn’t take action that day, but put the piece in my “things to consider in the future” file. Hopefully, Vincent stayed awake for all of Marketing 101 and he does another mailer to motivate me to make the call.

So what can you learn from the solar power mailer?

-Personalize, personalize, personalize! Use people’s names, include handwritten notes, so whatever you can to make the piece relevant and personal to the recipient.

-Give them something worth opening. The personalization is what got me to open the mail, but the informative brochure is the reason I kept it. No matter what “tricks” you use to get your mail looked at, if the content isn’t quality then it will still get tossed in the trash.

-Follow up. No matter how effective your piece is, most people won’t take action on the first mailing. Sending mail regularly and you’re more likely to get responses.

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