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Mar 17 2014

Mailbox Monday- Are Your Marketing Messages Repetitive?

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Today’s Mailbox Monday is a little different. I don’t have an actual piece to show you, but want to discuss an interesting comment my dad made last week while sorting through the mail. He said in frustration “why does the same company keep sending me the same stuff?”

At first I wanted to rush to the defense of direct mail and spout of 10 reasons why direct mail is effective. But then I realized that my dad wasn’t complaining about the mail, he was complaining about the type of mail. He didn’t mind that the company kept sending him things, he was annoyed that they sent him the same things. That is a problem, even for us staunch supporters of direct mail.

We often talk about the importance of repeat exposure in building brand recognition. It’s true, you need to expose people to your logo, your slogan, your face, your company over and over and over again. HOWEVER, you should not be exposing them to the exact same content. That gets real boring real fast. Very quickly they will stop paying attention to your pieces and all that repeat exposure becomes a big waste of time and money.

As you develop content for your direct mail, email, print, online and social media campaigns, always be thinking about ways to spice things up. Your audience should always be compelled to engage with your brand, whether its by keeping a sports schedule with your brand on their  fridge, commenting on your blog post, or forwarding an email you’ve sent to a friend.

Check back next week and I’ll give you some specific ideas for messaging that will keep your audience interested and engaged.

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