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Nov 12 2012

Mailbox Monday: Don’t Tell Us If You Can Show Us

Seeing as I work in the direct mail marketing biz, I pay attention to my junk mail more than the average person. Every so often I come across a piece that strikes my fancy, either because it’s particularly good or particularly bad. When I come across these pieces, I share them in a fun little segment I call “Mailbox Monday.”

I’ve been holding onto this piece for a while. I figured it was best to wait until after the elections to post it, so that we could focus on the way the message was presented instead of the message itself.

mailing services orange countyThere are a couple things about this piece that instantly jump out at me. First of all is the way they phrased the headline. They could have just said “Prop 37 Promoters only have money on their minds.” To which my response would have been “Duh!” and I would have moved on without giving the piece a second glance. But they don’t come right out and tell you. They add just a little bit of intrigue and make you think about the answer. Not so much that you get confused, just enough to get you interested. And I love that they use a picture to show us what promoters have on their minds, instead of just telling us.

direct mail marketingMy favorite part about the centerfold is the the layout of the text. With political campaigns, its very easy to fall into the trap of using too much text and confusing or boring your audience. To avoid that, these marketers made the text visually interesting by using different colors and sizes of font, highlighting important facts in yellow and displaying text in sections instead of one big block. They were especially smart in putting a quote all by itself towards the bottom of the right page. The eye is immediately drawn to that quote, and even if that’s all a person reads, it gets the main point across.

small business marketingThe back of this pamphlet continues the same clean and simple design. My favorite item on this side is the graphic. It grabs attention by putting two things together that clearly shouldn’t be. This is actually the first thing I saw when looking at this piece and I thought “Money on bread? What is that all about?”

That’s whats in my mailbox this week. What’s in yours? Snap a pic and post in the comments below or on our Facebook page.



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