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Nov 26 2012

Mailbox Monday: Paving the Way for Black Friday

The holiday season is in full swing and with it, lots and lots of holiday themed marketing. In the weeks leading up to black Friday, I browsed through my mail box and pulled out some advertisements that  provide excellent direct mail marketing lessons.*


Here’s the cover of Target’s big toy catalog. A couple of things about this stick out. First off, the bright colors and glitter are sure to grab the attention of little ones making lists for Santa. The same color scheme is carried out throughout Target stores. When creating your mailing pieces, pay special attention to visual elements that will make them stick out amongst a sea of other holiday mailers.

Second, I like the fact that they created an entire mailing piece dedicated to a specific type of product. Of course, Target sells lots of different products but most people are in the market for toys during the holiday season. When creating your holiday mailing pieces, think about your products and services that are most relevant to the holiday season and make them the focus of your content.

Lastly, the timing of piece was perfect. It came out about 2 weeks before Black Friday, giving kids plenty of time to make their lists and parents plenty of time to map out their route to get the best deals and (hopefully) avoid being trampled. When creating your holiday mailing pieces, make sure you send them out in a timely manner. Our customer service reps can guide you in creating a timeline so your pieces are seen at a time that makes them relevant.

On the back of the mailer, Target put a $5 off card that you can easily pull off and stick in your wallet. They did the exact same thing last year, which I remember because I threw it away thinking “I don’t have kids, I’m not going to spend $50 on toys.” Well, it turns out that 7 biological nieces and nephews and 5 honorary nieces and nephews require a lot more than $50 worth of presents. I’ll be saving that card this year, for sure. When creating your holiday mailing pieces, consider consistency. If you did something that worked last year, do it again this year.



holiday marketingUnlike Target, Costco didn’t do much to change their mailer for the holiday season. This is right in line with their brand, which doesn’t change for the holidays. Yes, they sell a lot of holiday products, but they don’t decorate their wharehouses or use any sort of holiday gimmicks to increase business. They simply continue to offer excellent service and important bulk products at a great price. When creating your direct mail marketing piece, stay true to your brand. Both Target’s and Costco’s marketing pieces are effective because they are a true reflection of the company brands.


direct mail marketingI feel that most of the text on this FrontGate mailer is hard to read. However, they made sure their “free shipping” message stood out, which is great. When creating your direct mail marketing pieces, find a visual way to bring attention to the message you think is most important to your recipients.

holiday advertisingThe back of this mailing piece is much better than the front. I love the fact that they highlight one product, which I’m assuming is a very popular product. They show a big beautiful picture and even include a testimonial which gives the product credibility. Plus, if you read the description, you’ll find descriptions of similar products as well as pages where those products can be found. This entices the recipient to go a step further and actually open the catalog, which takes her a step closer to making a purchase. When creating your holiday advertisements, use high quality photos to show off your products. Also, consider using testimonials. It’s a great way to make your company stand out from others and it gives you instant credibility.

Well that’s all that’s in my mailbox this week. What’s in yours? Tell us about any interesting direct mail pieces you receive in the comments below. Or take a picture and post it to our Facebook page.

*Please Note: One Step Services does not endorse any of these companies, nor do these companiees endorse One Step Services. One Step Services did not design, print or mail any of these pieces. However, photos of these pieces were taken by One Step Services. We are simply commenting on these direct mail advertisements and do not claim any of them as our intellectual property.

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