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Dec 16 2013

Mailbox Monday- Pelican Hill Resort Mailer

Seeing as I work in the direct mail marketing biz, I pay attention to my junk mail more than the average person. Every so often I come across a piece that strikes my fancy, either because it’s particularly good or particularly bad. When I come across these pieces, I share them in a fun little segment I call “Mailbox Monday.”

This week I was impressed with a mailer Sandy received from The Resort at Pelican Hill. Pelican Hill is a full service resort in Newport Beach and the purpose of their mailer was to get us to book a company holiday party with them. I’ll take you through each piece of the packet and highlight the things that make it awesome. As you look through this and see things you’d like to use in your own business, let us know! As a graphic design, mail and print house we can put together any type of direct mail piece you’d like to promote your business.

The Letter

When looking at this letter, the first thing I noticed was that it said “Dear Sandra” instead of “Dear Recipient.” The sender was able to do this with variable data (which, by the way, is something we can do too). The result is a personalized letter that is more likely to get opened.

The second thing I noticed was the list in the middle of the letter. Since the rest of the letter was written in paragraphs, the list stood out and its contents were intriguing. What’s a prosecco toast and how can I get homemade truffle party  favors? My interest was sparked and so I read the entire letter.

I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the letter. Instead of getting a sales pitch telling me how great The Resort at Pelican Hill is (which is what I was expecting) I was offered help in planning my upcoming holiday party. The letter was centered on me and my needs and outlined the ways that Pelican Hill could meet those needs. The letter didn’t tell me how great Pelican Hill was, instead it lead me to draw that conclusion on my own.

Lastly, there are things that stick out to me because I’m in the direct mail business. Things like paper quality, unique branded letterhead and a legible font type all work together to create a professional presentation. And while the average person may not be able to identify those things specifically, it’s because of those things that she’ll look at that letter and think “wow, this is incredibly classy and well put together.”

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The Booklet

While the contents of the letter were focused on the recipient, the contents of the book are all about the resort. Once they sparked my interest and identified my need, it was time to show me how they could meet that need. Pelican Hill chose to do this primarily through photos. About 75% of the book is made up of big, beautiful, high quality photography. Without reading a single word, I was able to get a feel for what the resort was like and what kind of party I could have there. When I did read the words, I found out more details about the resorts various venues, different catering services

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The Packaging

My favorite part of this mailer is the packaging. The letter and the booklet were enclosed in a clear plastic pouch. Without opening anything I was able to see the personalized letter and the stunning cover of the booklet. To me, this packaging makes a lot of sense. Why waste time and resources coming up with ways to interest people in opening an envelope with great content when you can just use the content itself to spark the recipients interest? Plus it goes right along with the clean, minimalist look that is present in the letter and the booklet.

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Obviously I was impressed with this mailer. But did it motivate me to book a holiday party with Pelican Hill? No. We prefer more laid back, family oriented holiday parties here at One Step. But if you can’t get a sale, the next best thing is to get people talking about your brand, company or service. So I’d say the mailer was still a success 🙂


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