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Apr 01 2013

Mailbox Monday- Photography is Key in Restaurant Marketing

Welcome to Mailbox Monday! In this segment, I pull pieces I receive in the mail and comment on the design, marketing effectiveness, etc. My hope is that these articles inspire you to start your own direct mail campaigns, or give you ideas for ways to improve campaigns you already have in place.

This week’s piece is a postcard dropped on my doorstep by a new restaurant, Rendezvous of Kabob. The postcard is glossy on both sides and made of thin cardstock. It’s standard 4″x6″ in size.

kabob 1 kabob 2

Here’s what stood out to me on this piece of restaurant marketing.

Rounded corners. I understand that rounded corners are very much a matter of taste. But in my opinion, they are an easy way to make a marketing postcard, or business card, stand out. Since most people use squared corners, rounded corners are just different enough to catch the eye without dramatically changing the look of the card or interfering with the brand design.

High Quality Photography. In the food industry, pictures are worth thousands of words and thousands of dollars. When I search for new recipes online, I only pay attention to the ones that have a picture. If I don’t know what to order at a new restaurant, I’ll usually choose an item with a picture in the menu. In many industries, especially food, it’s worth it to invest in high quality photos to use for advertising. The photo on this marketing card is sure to make stomachs rumble and wallets open up.

Effective Logo. The logo is clean, simple and predominantly displayed on both sides of the card to build brand recognition. The letters of the logo reference the name of the business while the chef’s hat reference’s the industry. It says a lot without being confusing.

Confusing offer. The one aspect of this card I don’t like is the offer. First of all, it’s too small. The offer is what is going to get a new customer to walk through the door, so it needs to be easy to see and understand. In addition to being small, there are scribbles all over it and it’s nearly impossible to tell what those scribbles mean. Is it some kind of verification code? If so, it should have been written somewhere else on the card so that the offer is still clearly legible. Is the restaurant trying to block out the offer so they don’t have to honor it? If that’s the case, they should have covered the ENTIRE offer so that the recipient would never know an offer had once existed.

YOUR TURN! What are your thoughts on the card? Do you like the rounded corners? What could be improved?

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