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Feb 19 2013

Once Upon a Twitter

Gather around, friends, and let me tell you a little Twitter story.

I use a program called NeedTagger that notifies me when people tweet using certain key words. Last week I got an email notifying me that someone had tweeted about business cards. The tweet read:

“I actually won one of those “drop your business cards into the bowl for a free lunch” things. Who would have thought!?”

Normally, I wouldn’t respond to this sort of tweet. I’m looking for tweets from people who want to buy business cards, that way I can tweet them back and promote our business. However, I was super curious as to where this guy won a free lunch. So I tweeted back:

“Sweet. Where did you win lunch from?”

To which he replied:

“Teddy’s Deli, located in Laguna Hills. I see you are close by, definitely should give them a shot!”

Now, I’ve always been a sucker for a good deli. And being 3 months pregnant has made the sandwich cravings even crazier. I’m like Joey from Friends. Just give me a sandwich and I’m happy. So of course I looked up Teddy’s Deli online and WOW! Their food looks delicious. I will be making a trip to that deli shortly.

twitter marketingSo what’s the moral of the story? To show you that social media networking and marketing often work in unexpected ways. Neither I nor the guy I was tweeting gained any sort of professional benefit our twitter exchange, but Teddy’s Deli sure did. Although the deli made no effort to reach out to me via Twitter, the excellent service they provided to one customer was communicated via Twitter to a potential customer. That exchange will get me through the door, and if their products are as good as their pictures claim, I too will become a loyal customer.

While a lot of our social impact is a direct result of what we do on social media, there are times when social media helps us out in ways we don’t even know. It’s simply another avenue for people connect, exchange ideas and make recommendations. You’ll be talked about on social media whether you prompt it or not. Make sure you’re providing excellent products and services so those conversations are positive ones.

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