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Jun 10 2013

Real Estate Retweetables Make Twitter Marketing Easy

As a real estate marketing agency, we are dedicated to providing real estate agents with a variety of tools to make marketing easier. In addition to graphic design, print and mailing services, we also provide content for marketing materials. Every month we write a generic real estate information pieces that agents can send on their direct mailing postcards.

We’ve decided to take our content services a step further and provide agents with informative real estate articles that they can easily retweet to their audience. Unlike most articles we share over social media, which are written to give advice to real estate agents, these articles are written for homeowners, investors and renters. We tweet them every morning at 6:00am so they are ready for when you start your work day. After quickly reading the article, simply hit the retweet button, or put the article link in a new tweet with your own commentary. If you miss any of our real estate retweetables, simply check the blog every Monday and we’ll have the previous week’s retweetables ready and waiting for you.

Tips for using One Step’s Real Estate Retweetables

  • Read before you publish. We read all the articles before we publish them to make sure there isn’t anything glaringly wrong with the article, i.e. inappropriate content, cursing, incoherent writing, or obvious lies. However, we are marketing experts, not real estate experts. So we highly recommend that you read the articles before publishing to ensure your publishing content that is true to your knowledge.
  • Keep your audience in mind. We tweet a variety of different articles and not every article is going to be of interest to everyone. You know your followers and what they’re interests are, so only retweet the articles you think they’ll find useful.
  • Add your own commentary. When you’re in a rush, it’s tempting to simply hit the retweet button. This is perfectly acceptable for some tweets, but whenever possible, you should try and add your own commentary to the tweet. You can ask a question, share additional information or share an example from your own business that illustrates what the article is talking about. Adding your own commentary will increase the value of your tweets as your no longer simply sharing a link but also sharing your own expertise.
  • Spread the word. We’d love to provide valuable content for hundreds, even thousands, of real estate agents. So the next time you’re on Twitter, maybe you could encourage your colleagues to follow us and/or read our blog? We’d be eternally grateful 🙂

And now, without further ado, this week’s Real Estate Retweetables

1. How to Short Sale: Chase’s New Process and Timeline via @KCMcrew

2. 10 Ways to Beat the Heat Without Running Up Your Electric Bill via @ThisOldHouse

3. Homeowners Face Soaring Homeowners Insurance Costs via Realtor Mag

4. Huntington Beach June Calendar of Events via

5. Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates on Home Sales via @NAR_Research

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