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Jan 27 2012

Make Your Listing Presentation Work For You

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Despite many changes to the real estate marketing in the past 10 years, one thing that has not changed is the importance of the listing presentation. Yes, prospects will look you up on Facebook, read your blog and check the reviews on your LinkedIn profile. They’ll use these tools to whittle down their choices, but many of them are still going to want to meet with you face to face before making their final decision. So how do you wow them with your listing presentation? Here’s what 20 years in the real estate marketing business have taught us…

Make it personable. Most people put a bio towards the front of their listing presentation, which is a great idea. What’s not a good idea is making that bio a list of awards you’ve won and a dry recount of your work experience. Instead, tell your real estate story. What inspired you to get started in real estate? What has been your favorite moment so far? What is most difficult? Also, don’t be afraid to go beyond professional experience and talk about more personal things. Do you live in the same area that you farm? Great, talk about your favorite things to in that area. Talk about your hobbies, your family, your favorite place to vacation, etc. You don’t need to ramble on about these things, just mention them briefly so people get a more realistic and fuller picture of who you are as a person as well as an agent.

Make it all about them. Every piece of information you put on your listing presentation should benefit your prospects in some way. If you tell them what broker your with, you must also tell them how that broker will help them. If you brag about your tech savviness, make sure you are detailed in your explanation of how that will help sell their house. In the printed presentation, and your verbal presentation, the prospect should know that they are your top priority.

Make it easy to read. Avoid big chunks of text and long unusual words. Avoid fluff and stick to facts, data, numbers, etc. Communicate only what is necessary and then expand on those points in your verbal presentation. If you have a hard time keeping your copy concise, ask a mentor or coworker to look over the text and cut some of it for you. Also, repeat important information, like your contact info, a few times throughout the presentation so that prospects don’t have to hunt for it later.

Make it visually appealing. Use as many images as possible such as charts, graphs, area photos, house photos, team photos, etc. We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure these photos are of the highest quality. This is not the place to display your awesome iPhone camera skills. You need professional photography that has a high enough resolution to show up clearly in print. You want the images to impress people, not make them squint and ask “what’s that?”

Make it techie. Don’t let the word “techie” scare you. There are lots of easy ways that technology can enhance your listing presentation and One Step Services is here to help you bring your presentation into the 21st century. We can put QR Codes on different pages that prospects can scan for more information. We can also convert your printed presentation into an iPad presentation that can be shown on the iPad or projected. Make sure you mention what social media sites and real estate sites you are active on, and in your presentation invite prospects to join your social media communities. Doing these things will show your prospects that you’re able to use modern technology to market their house, communicate with them, and keep everyone up to date on the market and real estate process.

Make it a keeper. Most agents spend hundreds of dollars on a listing presentation and, therefore, don’t leave it with the prospects. That’s understandable, but you need to leave something with them so they don’t forget about you. Consider printing a pamphlet that summarizes your listing presentation and that the prospects can refer back to as they consider your proposal. Just like the full listing presentation, this one should be easy to read, only communicate the most important information, and use lots of pictures. Consider giving these pamphlets to the prospects at the beginning of the presentation so they can take notes.

As always, the graphic designers at One Step Services are here to help you create real estate marketing pieces that build and enhance your business. We design and print custom listing presentations and convert printed presentations to digital formats. We can also give you recommendations for real estate photographers and give you ideas for content. Whether you have the whole thing laid out in your mind or you are clueless as to where to start, we’ll create a presentation that will help you nail your next listing appointment. Call us today at 949-587-5301.



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