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Nov 01 2016

Tip Tuesdays: The Importance of Building Brand Trust

TTblogimage2Why do you do business with specific stores, people, and establishments? I bet you can come up with a long list of reasons- quality products, affordable prices, great customer service. All of these reasons can be summed up in one word: trust. You do business with people and establishments that you trust. It would stand to reason that your clients are the same way.

Building trust is an ongoing process. Not only do you build trust with potentials in order to encourage them to do business with you, but you must also continue to build trust with current and past clients. This way they’ll do repeat business with you and refer you to your friends.

This month’s Tip Tuesdays give you specific ways to build trust with potentials, clients and past clients. Have your own tips? Share them in the comments!

To build brand trust, focus on education more than a hard sell. Marketing today is all about educating the consumer. Don’t assume that just because there is so much information available on the internet, your audience already knows it. The opposite is true, there is so much out there people have a hard time filtering through and understanding it all. Become a resource that not only shares information but shows how it is relevant to specific audiences and situations.

To build brand trust, share content that is relevant and valuable to your clients and potentials. Take time to know what your clients and potentials need. Are you farming to a condo complex where owners are looking to upgrade to bigger houses? Are your customers young people interested in fashion? Are you trying to sell a product to cooks? By knowing what your audience needs, and wants, you can provide information they find useful and it will be easy to keep them coming back for more.

To build brand trust, your marketing must be truthful. Getting caught in even one lie can completely ruin your reputation. If you run into a situation where you think telling the truth will hurt your business, consult a marketing expert who can help you communicate a hard truth in a positive way.  

To build brand trust, you must expose your audience to your brand frequently and consistently. People trust the familiar, so when your brand becomes familiar, you’ll start to gain trust. Consistently mail, email, blog, post to social media, advertise, attend events and do whatever you can to get your audience’s eyeballs on your brand.

To build brand trust, you must engage with your audience. We’ve got some great ideas for you on our marketing blog. The key thing to remember is that marketing is not a one way street. Yes you need to deliver messages, but you also need to listen to your audience and respond.

Do you need a personal business brand created or updated? Already have a brand but need help incorporating it into your marketing? Call our Director of Client Relations, Valerie, and set up a free consultation appointment to go over your branding needs.

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