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Nov 26 2012

Unexpected Twists to Classic Beach Designs


Working in Coastal California, we often draw inspiration from the Pacific Ocean and various elements that represent the coastal lifestyle. But the ocean gives inspiration to many, so we are constantly striving to produce coastal themed designs that demonstrate something unexpected. Below are just a few examples of brands we’ve designed that, with a special twist, pay homage to our beautiful California Coast.

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Many beach themed designs focus on the blues and cool colors found in the ocean. This piece is unique in that it pulls from the warm colors found in the sand and sunset.

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This gorgeous harbor shot is given a unique look when a watercolor effect is added.

Our graphic designer took a more abstract approach to this coastal agency orange countyThe wood pattern used in Brandon Theriault’s brand is very “beachy” and stirs in the minds eye iconic images of piers, old Woody cars and lifeguard towers. Plus, the unique brown and green color palette is a nice break from the myriad of blues often seen in beach themed brand designs. What do you think of when you view this photo? Beauty, peace, happiness, paradise. While sunset photos are pretty common, the way this one is presented creates a strong emotional response in the viewer. Who wouldn’t want to buy a house from someone who works in paradise? custom graphic designRather than simply focus on the beach itself, the Hunten’s postcard displays images of coastal living including big cities near the ocean, palm trees and beautiful coastal houses. marketing agency orange countyAndrea sells in a very specific area, and therefore chose an area specific photo easily recognizable by the residents there. She built her brand around the colors in and style of that photo.

For Gran Sueno is a beach resort in Mexico. We incorporated abstract designs with real life photos for a cohesive look that portrays elegance and relaxation.


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