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Jun 01 2016

Visual Content Creation Tools for Non Designers

recite-xf9tpgI sit about 50ft away from a group of graphic designers, so you’d think that I had an endless supply of visual content for our blog, newsletter, social media, etc. However, there are these wonderful people called clients that take up most of the designers time. And while I leave big projects to the professionals, there are often times when I need a simple visual for something minor and the designers don’t have time to create it. When that happens, I turn to one of these online content creation tools:


As a writer, I would be perfectly happy spending my days writing articles, white papers and ebooks with only text. However, I know large chunks of text usually don’t get read. Piktochart allows me to convert text based articles into visual infographics that are more interesting and eye catching to the average consumer. There is a small selection of free templates, but you gain access to more templates and features when you purchase a subscription.


I just discovered Canva and I’m hooked. I’ve created a white paper, an infographic and a variety of single images for social media. Unlike other content creation software, Canva isn’t subscription based, which I like. They have images that are free, and others that cost money, so each time you log on you can determine how much money you’ll spend.


I discovered PicMonkey a couple years ago when I was looking for an easy way to do simple photo edits like crop, blur, and resize. PicMonkey does all of that and more. I can also create images from scratch, which is how I create our #TipTuesday visuals. Like Piktochart, there are some free features but paying for a subscription opens up even more features.


If you follow One Step Services on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that every Monday we post an inspirational quote. I use a variety of tools to convert text quotes into images, and one of them is Recite. You simply type in our quote, pick a template, and it spits out an image which you can share directly or download (the image at the top of this blog post was made with Recite). This service is free!

Keep in mind that while these tools are very helpful and cost effective, they operate based on templates and there isn’t a lot of room for customization. When you need something customized, turn to the pros! Our talented team of graphic designers would love to create anything you need, whether it’s a Facebook cover photo, a header for your email newsletter, a postcard, a business card, a listing presentation or anything else you can think of. Just call 949-587-5301 or email info@onestepservices.coom to place an order.

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