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Sep 03 2013

Why is Personal Branding Important for Real Estate Agents?

For Cheryll McKeon, having her own custom brand means having the flexibility to take her business anywhere. She came to One Step wanting to create a brand that was unique from her broker so that her marketing could stay consistent no matter where she worked.


“One Step’s reputation in the real estate community is unsurpassed. I knew I was in good hands.”- Cheryll McKeon. The One Step designers approached Cheryll’s brand creation with a “less is more” philosophy. Over the past 10 years she has come back to us to make subtle changes to the brand, each time fine tuning it to better represent her personality and business goals.

Today, Cheryll’s brand is on all of her marketing pieces, including the direct mail pieces she sends to her sphere of influence, past clients and residents living around the homes she sells.

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