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Jan 10 2014

Why Should Building Brand Recognition Be Your 2014 Marketing Goal?

As you start marketing your business for 2014 ask yourself this: Does my target audience know my business exists?

If the answer is no, your primary marketing goal in 2014 should be to build brand recognition. If your answer was yes, your primary goal should still be to build brand recognition. I guarantee that whether you have been in business for 1 year or 100, there are people in your target audience who either have never heard of you or have forgotten about you.

But what is brand recognition? Is it just being able to identify a logo? Although logo identification is a big part of brand recognition, it’s not the entirety. Let me show you

Do you recognize this logo?


Do you know the name of the company? Do you know what industry do they work in? Do you know if they have a location near you? Do you have positive feelings associated with this company?

Chances are you answered yes to all those questions. You don’t simply recognize Starbucks’ logo, you recognize their entire brand. You know their products, you know where and how they do business. You can probably picture your local Starbucks coffee shop in your mind and maybe you could go to your wallet right now and pull out a giftcard. You’re familiar with many facets of the company’s brand and, if you like Starbucks, that familiarity is what prompts you drop in when you need a caffeine fix.

As a small business owner, you want your target audience to be as familiar with you as you are with Starbucks. This may seem daunting and impossible, but if you narrow down your target audience it’s actually very doable. Maybe you can’t get the whole nation familiar with your brand, but you can get all the moms in your city or all the young adults in your county or a majority of people who play online poker.

This year, identify your target market and focus on making your brand familiar to them. Next week’s article will give you some specific ideas for doing this.

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