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Oct 25 2012

You’ve Got To Spend Money To Make Money

We often hear from clients that they don’t have money to do direct mail marketing, or any kind of marketing for that matter. Yet the old adage “you have to spend money to make money” is especially true with marketing. If you make financial sacrifices in the beginning, you’ll reap big rewards.

One of our most successful clients, Brett Smith, has proven this to be true throughout his career. When Brett started in real estate he didn’t have a brand, he didn’t have much activity to report and he didn’t have a big income. Yet he consistently sent generic mailing pieces to his social list and farm. As he continued to mail, people became familiar with him and began calling him when they were ready to buy or sell a home. Through direct mail marketing, he was able to connect with people he would have never met otherwise.

As Brett’s business began to grow, so did his marketing efforts. He started to mail postcards advertising each listed and sold property. He continued sending out important real estate information and began to mail holiday cards throughout the year. He also used direct mail to stay in contact with past clients and generate referrals. Thank you cards, personal letters and newsletters kept him in the forefront of past clients minds and encouraged them to refer to clients to Brett.

direct mail marketing

This is the postcard Brett often sends out with information about his business activity

Eventually, Brett realized that he needed a cohesive business brand that could be used on all his marketing pieces. He works predominately in Orange County coastal cities and he wanted a brand that subtly hinted at that. The graphic designers at One Step Services came up with an awesome brand that is cool, crisp, and professional with a subtle beach theme. This branding appears on every piece of Brett’s marketing, from postcards to open house signs, websites to letterhead.

Today, Brett is reaping the rewards of his early financial sacrifice. He has a fully integrated marketing strategy that includes online, email and print marketing. Of course, he is still consistently sending direct mail pieces 2-3 times a week to his farm and social list. He continues to send just listed and just sold postcards, property flyers, holiday cards, generic articles, thank you cards and personal correspondence to past clients. His advice to new real estate agents is to create a business brand as soon as possible.

“When it comes to real estate marketing, you’re wasting your time if you don’t go to One Step Services first. Once they created my custom brand, everything else just flowed from that. That brand brings a higher level of professionalism to my business and makes me easily recognizable in my target areas.”

If you’re ready to get started on your own brand and/or direct mail marketing campaign, call us at 949-587-5301. And if you want to talk real estate with Brett, give him a call at 949-240-2397.

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