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20% Off

all print and design fees on every order for verified 501(c)(3)

Fundraising collateral

event promotions, invitations, banners, t-shirts, flyers, direct mailers, specialty campaigns, print ads, etc.

Branding collateral

logo design, business cards, brochures, booklets, thank you cards, signs, sponsorship letters, calendars, etc.

At One Step, we like to use our marketing powers for good by partnering with local charities and nonprofits to help them raise awareness for their cause.

We understand that nonprofits face many of the same challenges that small businesses face, including tight budgets and limited personnel. It’s always our goal to help you stretch those dollars and man hours as far as they’ll go. We apply 20% discounts on all design and print services for every order placed by a verified 501(c)(3). We limit the time spent juggling vendors by providing many of those services ourselves and by coordinating with vendors who provide services we don’t. We streamline the marketing process, leaving you more time and money to fulfill your mission statement.

Cheaper than hiring a full time marketing staff. Quicker than doing everything yourself. When you need to raise awareness, come take a walk with One Step.

Non Profit Partners

Helping non profits isn’t just a service we offer, it’s part of our company culture. Most of our nonprofit clients hear about us through an employee or small business client that volunteers, donates or works for them. Click on any logo below to see how we’ve helped individual non profits raise awareness.