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Personal correspondence is a powerful marketing tool.

In a world overflowing with text messages, emails, tweets and video, a hand written letter delivered to a mailbox stands out, grabs attention and stirs positive emotions in the recipient. In addition to sending out mass produced direct mail marketing pieces, we encourage clients to send out thank you cards, holiday cards and personalized letters. The results are well worth the effort.

Letterhead and Envelopes

What better way to reiterate who you are and what you sell than to send out a letter or draft a memo on a piece of paper that really shows off your stuff.  If you have a custom brand identity, then it makes sense to have all of the correspondence that you send out look and feel the same way as your other marketing pieces.  When a client sees an envelope in the mail that screams “open me!”, chances are, they will.  In a perfect world, your business stationery matches your business cards and closely resembles your other marketing pieces.  And, since we strive for perfection around here, you can bet that our designs will accomplish just that!  We want you to stand up and be counted, be noticed and, most importantly, be contacted when a potential client is ready to do business with you.  It’s that kind of flair that turns a ho-hum marketing campaign into a world-class advertising vehicle that WORKS for you.


Thinking of sending out a little thank you note to your clients?  Want to invite a potential client to a special event?  Then nothing could be more effective than a custom, personal notecard to seal the deal.  All it takes is a few handwritten words from you placed inside a notecard that bears your custom brand identity and, just like that, you’ve made a lasting impression in the mind of your customer.  We can design this piece for you to match your other marketing items and give you the edge you need to be the one they remember when it comes time call on your services.  Oh, and don’t forget to enclose a business card with your personal note, we want them to be able to get a hold of you right away!

Special Occasion Cards

Birthdays and holidays are a great time to connect with your sphere of influence. Our graphic designers can create custom birthday and holiday tend cards or postcards. Keep them on hand so you can send them whenever, wherever and to whomever necessary. We can leave a blank space for a message, or we print a general message right on the card.

The way you present yourself and your company is often the first impression a potential client has of you. Make them take notice and keep you in mind the next time they are in the market for your services. Send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to get you a business card or stationery package to show them how professional you really are!