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Artwork Specifications

Here is the information you will need if you are planning to supply print-ready artwork:


CD • DVD • E-mail • Dropbox upload • FTP upload

To prevent delays, please send us only the files we need to produce your job. If you are sending items to us in the mail, please label your disks and/or papers with your company name and include a printed copy of what the artwork on the disk is suppossed to look like so we can match your files with the output on our end. If you are submitting by email, please put your company name in the subject line.  If you are using our upload options, please remember to include your own email address and your company information in the notes section.



(PREFERRED) Prepress Quality, embedded fonts, Bleed included.


(with fonts converted to outlines/curves/paths)


(300-350 dpi)


(Maximum Quality – at least 300 dpi) These will be converted to a TIFF before printing.


(1200 dpi)


(include all fonts & support files + hard copy or PDF to check art)


(include all fonts & support files + hard copy or PDF to check art)


(at least 300 dpi)


(with fonts converted to outlines)

**If conversions need to be made by us to make your artwork printable, design charges will apply.

Mailing Specifications

Download our Mailing Layout for addressing area requirements


Our standard postcard sizes are 4×6, 5.5×8.5, 10.5×5.5 and 4.25×11.  Our standard flyers sizes are 8.5×11, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x 17.  For artwork that bleeds (color runs all the way to the edges), we require an extra .125” for each side. For example, a postcard with a finished size of 5.5×8.5 will require a canvas size of 5.75 x 8.75. The extra .125” all on sides will be trimmed off, so please put critical information no closer than .25” from the bleed edge.

We are printing with sheet fed presses in 4-color process.  Colors you see on your screen from a pdf proof or on an output from a laser or inkjet printer will not accurately reflect the actual colors we print on our CMYK 4-color process printing.  Color variation is inherent in the printing process and we cannot guarantee exact color matches. If color is a concern, please ask us to provide a color-match proof prior to printing to avoid disappointment in the finished product.

Blacks are a special color in the 4-color printing world.  If you are designing a piece with 100% black on the color side of a job, we request that you use a “rich black” CMYK mix instead of 100% black to avoid a washed-out gray appearance.  We recommend using the following setting to achieve true black: C-40 M-30 Y-20 K-100.  Always keep TYPE in 100% black.

Designs come in all different shapes and sizes. We offer everything from standard to unique in sizing, folding, binding and die cutting for your project. If you have concerns about the feasibility of your design,just give us a call and we will be happy to go over options and pricing!

**Minimal design charges apply