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Stock Photos

Photos are the cornerstone of a great design.  The images can make or break a successful marketing campaign, and we recommend using only the highest quality in your pieces. We can supply images for your design from our own library of images, or you may search for specific graphics on one of our subscription sites and relay the information to us for purchase. If you have a particular photo in mind, you can download a high resolution version of the photo and send it over to us.

We have preferred sites that we use for image purchasing, and you are welcome to search their extensive databases to find what you are looking for.  All you have to do is note the image ID# and send that information to us and we can download and purchase it for you.  The images on these sites are not expensive and are royalty-free, which means that can be used an unlimited number of times.

PLEASE NOTE: The images you buy must be high res print-quality at a minimum of 300dpi at a 4×6 size (approx. 8MB).  Images copied or downloaded from the web that do not meet these requirements will not result in good print quality on the finished product.