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Mar 05 2019

How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Business Make In Direct Mail Marketing

What’s the biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to direct mail marketing? Inconsistency. In the past 9 years that I’ve worked for a direct mail marketing agency, the mistake I see repeated time and time again, the one that causes the most frustration and biggest lost of money, is inconsistency.

Businesses send out 2-3 mailings and expect that people will rush their store or website. Not true. Most people don’t start to recognize a brand or pay attention to their marketing until the 5th or 6th mailing. And it sometimes takes more mailings to get someone to take an action.

But it’s hard to be consistent! Yes, I know. That’s why so many people fail. BUT, if you have a strategy, the right tools, and a solid marketing team behind you, you can, in fact, do it.

direct mail marketing

Mail smaller quantities more frequently. We see it all the time. A business has a budget for 10,000 mailings and they decide to send all 10,000 at once in hopes of boosting business. BAD IDEA! Like I said earlier, people don’t pay attention to the first, second or even third mailing. You have to

So, instead of sending all 10,000 at once, it is better to choose a group of 1,000 or 2,000 recipients and mail to that group 5-10 times.

plan direct mail in advance

Plan your mailings in advance. If you think you’ll find time to sit down each month and decide on a mailing, you are wrong. You might remember the first and second month, but then you’ll get distracted by actually running your business and you’ll forget all about it.

So make a plan! Decide exactly what you want to mail for the next 6, 9 or 12 months. You can simply write down the ideas, or actually have the cards designed ahead of time.

use digital and direct mail marketing together

Include digital marketing touchpoints. I love direct mail marketing with my whole heart. I also love digital marketing. And while it is possible to be successful using just one, combining the two is the ultimate recipe for success.

You can pretty easily convert your mailing content into content for emails, blogs, and social media. Repurposing the content cuts down on time invested and dramatically increasing your opportunity for revenue growth.

Get help with direct mail marketing

Get help. It is possible to do direct mail marketing entirely on your own. But why would you want to? Our expert staff handles everything from graphic design to print to mail. We can remind you every month to order a mailing or we can create an entire multi month campaign at once and mail based on your directed schedule. Our primary goal is to keep you mailing consistently so that you see RESULTS!

Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email to set up your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Feb 12 2019

Product Spotlight: Boho Chic Pocket Wedding Invitations

Valentine’s Day has me reminiscing about one of my favorite wedding invitations we’ve designed and printed here at One Step Services. These were created last year for a very special client, my baby brother and his fiance. They had a boho chic wedding in Temecula wine country and wanted invitations that reflected the simplicity of their decor as well as their love of nature.

My brother and his fiance make a great pair because she dreams big and he is a pragmatic numbers man. When it came to invitations, my sister in law wanted something impressive and my brother wanted something cheap. Another challenge was the fact that they were having a destination wedding and therefore had to communicate quite a bit of extra information.

We decided on a pocket invitation with different inserts to communicate various types of information. There was the main invitation, the informational insert that talk about registry attire and website, an insert with directions (their venue was in the country and hard to get to with a GPs), and an RSVP card.

So save money, We opted for a semi DIY invitation option. We printed each piece of the invitation and provided them with the colored pocket. We also printed the envelopes with return addresses and recipient addresses. My brother and his fiance took the pieces assembled, stuffed and stamped them on their own.

The One Step designer, Tirtzah, created a design that was beautiful on its own, without needing to add expensive finishes like embossing or foil. We printed on beautiful 16pt matte cardstock, a common paper choice for people looking for elegance on a budget. Overall, they were incredibly happy with the outcome.

Event marketing collateral, including save the dates, invitations, programs and signage, are one of our specialities here at One Step Services. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email for a custom quote.

Nov 10 2017

These sticky holiday direct mail pieces provide a great return on investment

Our annual holiday schedules of events are ready to order! We’ve done things a little differently this year. Instead of choosing a city, you simply choose your county and we’ll put together a list of major events taking place in different areas throughout the county. Have some specific events you want featured? No problem, just send those over and we’ll put them on the card you choose.

These pieces are particularly effective because they are sticky, meaning people are likely to keep them around for a while and reference them more than once. Every time they do, they’ll be reminded of your name, your face and your brand. These pieces have a strong ROI and are a  great way to wrap up your 2017 direct mail marketing efforts.

Each design is available as an 8.5×8.5 postcard or 8.5×5.5 postcard. As always, the production fee of $12 is waived when you order 200 or more. Additional bulk discounts apply for orders of 500+ and 1,000+. Download the order form and email it to or give us a call if you have questions 949-587-5301.

Holiday Schedule Order Form 2017