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Mar 20 2017

Holiday Greetings and Lead Generation Postcards for Spring

The first day of Spring is March 20, Easter is April 16 and we’ve got direct mail postcards to celebrate both! And of course, we’ve got a lead generation postcard for all you real estate agents. The market is ramping up, time to get those listings!

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Happy Easter

A great way to touch base with past clients. Can be used by real estate agents or small businesses. As always, if you don’t like the text you can provide you’re own.

easter direct mail postcards

Happy Spring

If you want to celebrate the season with being specific to Easter, these cards are for you. Can be used by real estate agents or small businesses.

spring direct mail postcards

Peeps Wanna Buy Your Home

This Easter themed real estate postcards is great for generating leads. Let owners know that demand for their homes is high, which could result in hefty profits.

real estate easter postcards

Mar 09 2017

Lead Generation Postcards for Retirees and So Cal Residents

Download the Downsizing and ListingShortage Order Form


This unique lead generation postcard is specifically for recipients that are retirees or empty nesters. It highlights the benefits of selling their current home and buying a smaller one. Not sure who to send this to? We can give you some guidance on how to get a list of people who may have been ready to downsize.

downsizing postcardMarket Update: Listings Shortage

Recipients really appreciate being informed of the local market. These numbers show that its a sellers market with low inventory and high demand. Get this card out today be prepared for phone calls!



Mar 07 2017

Baseball Schedule Postcards Ready To Order

Celebrate baseball’s opening day by mailing the complete season schedule for the Angels, Dodgers or Padres. These pieces provide valuable information that recipients are likely to keep around for a while, so they are perfect  for building name recognition. Opening day is the beginning of April, so order today to ensure timely delivery.

Download Baseball Schedules 2017 order form

baseball schedule dodgers baseball schedule padres baseball schedule angels

Feb 07 2017

St Patricks Day Postcards and Time Change Postcards

Order Form

Download order form for March Content Ready Postcards

St Patricks Day Postcards

Use the luck of the Irish to help generate listings with these St Patricks Day themed direct mail postcards.

real estate marketing

St Pattys Day postcard

Time Change Postcards

Longer days are just around the corner. Because the date of the time change changes every year, most people really appreciate a reminder to set their clocks forward. These postcards are a simple way to touch base with your farm or social list and give them some information they’ll appreciate.

postcard marketing real estate postcards

Jan 26 2017

Time to Motivate Owners to SELL!

It’s time to motivate homeowners to SELL! These postcards were created to do just that. The “Hire an Agent” series encourages owners to hire an agent instead of selling it themselves. And the “Buyers are Coming” postcard is a fun nod to Game of Thrones that encourages owners to get their house on the market before the competitive spring market hits. If you’re looking to generate leads, send one of these cards.

Download the order form January Lead Generation Order Form

Hire an Agent

HireAgent2 HireAgent

The Buyers Are Coming

BuyersComing copy

Dec 15 2016

Start 2017 Strong With These New Years Marketing Pieces

2017 4×9 Folded Calendars

Great pieces for farming and direct mail campaigns

Download 2017 Calendar Order Form

oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_3 oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_2 oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_1

8.5×5.5 2017 New Years Postcards

If you missed our Christmas postcards, you’re in luck. These New Years Postcards are appropriate to send out any time in January. A great way to reconnect with old clients or send a personal message to your farm or direct mail recipients.

Download the order form New Years Postcards

oss_8-5x5-5_newyear_orderform_2016_1 oss_8-5x5-5_newyear_orderform_2016_2


Oct 03 2016

This is Halloween! Time To Make A Postcard Scene!

First of all, if you don’t understand the title of this blog post, do yourself a favor and watch this video:


Secondly, order some postcards! We’ve got two for Halloween and two for Daylight Savings. My personal favorites are the sea star witches and the cuckoo clocks. Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Then download the Halloween and Daylight Savings order form and order your favorites!


Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween2 Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween

Daylight Savings


Halloween and Daylight Savings order form


Sep 19 2016

Boost Your Real Estate Business During The Holidays

Its hard to believe but the holiday season is just around the corner! Traditionally the real estate market slows down during this time, so we’ve got some direct mail postcards to help boost your business.

4 Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

Download the order form 4 Reasons To Sell During The Holidays

For most people, selling a house is the furthest thing from their minds during the holidays. This postcard gives 4 reasons why selling during the holidays could be beneficial and reminds them that you work all year round!


Fall Market Updates

Download the fallmarketupdate_pc-2 fallmarketupdate_pcFall Market Update Form







Market updates are a great way to generate leads because they give recipients easy to understand data that proves it’s a good time to sell. We have two different versions to choose from, one that features one of your current listings and one that doesn’t. **PLEASE NOTE** You must provide the data for these postcards.





Aug 22 2016

Let Homeowners Know High Demand Equals High Prices

There are basically three types of direct mail cards real estate agents should be sending out on a regular basis. First are the lead generation cards. The messaging of these cards is crafted specifically to motivate people to sell their houses and list with you. These often include just listed/sold postcards, open house invites, market updates and info on how, when and why to sell. The second type is self promotional. These cards often have testimonials or bios of the agent. Lastly are the informational cards. These include general information about the local real estate market, the community and home ownership. While lead generation direct mail postcards should be sent out most often, it’s also important to mix in some self promotional and general information postcards. That way, people who aren’t ready to sell are still learning about your business and gaining information that is valuable to them.

Our lead generation card for this month tells homeowners that you have buyers for their home. Demand is very high in some areas of Orange County, and homeowners need to know that the demand could be driving up the value of their home. This simple knowledge could be the thing that motivates them to list their home with you.

Download the order form for High Demand Order Form

real estate lead generation postcard

Our informational card this week tells homeowners how they can protect their homes from wildfires. Late summer and fall are fire season here in So Cal, and homeowners will appreciate these simple tips that will help get their home through this dangerous season. Of course, there is still a call to action and your information on the card, in case the recipient wants to talk about listing!

Download the order form for Wildfire Protection Postcard

Wildfire Protection

Jul 18 2016

Real Estate Marketing Postcards: Back To School Series

It’s hard to believe, but Back To School Season is already upon us. And although your marketing audience may be busy with shopping and last minute vacations, we have a series of postcards that will grab their attention, expose them to your brand and give them valuable information.

Back To School Time

Order this card by downloading the Back To School Time Order Form. Order by August 26 and receive 10% off printing

Remind your audience exactly when the first day of school is with these customizable direct mail postcards. Simply indicate the area, school district and first day of school date on your order form, and we’ll put that information on the postcard. This postcard also tells your audience that you’re a neighborhood specialist who can help them buy and sell a home.

Back To School postcards

Back to School Apps

To order this card, download Back To School Apps and ABCs of Real Estate OrderForm and email to or fax it to 949 452 0381. Order by August 29th and receive 10% off printing costs.

If you’ve been sending a lot of real estate centered postcards recently, consider sending this useful information postcard that discusses helpful back to school apps. Even people who aren’t remotely interested in selling their home will find this postcard interesting and when they take the time to read it, they’ll learn your name and your brand.


Selling Your Home? It’s as easy as ABC

To order this card, download Back To School Apps and ABCs of Real Estate OrderForm and email to or fax it to 949 452 0381. Order by August 29th and receive 10% off printing costs.

This lead generation postcard has a bright back to school theme and give specific information for those thinking about selling their home. The call to action, along with your photo and contact information on the back, are sure to get your phone ringing.


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