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Sep 19 2017

Holiday 2017 Direct Mail Marketing Schedule

Want to make the most out of the holidays? Download our 2017 direct mail marketing schedule. We tell you what to mail every week, taking into account deadlines for holidays. Our schedule includes our content ready postcards as well as full custom content. Pick and choose what you want, or simply give us a call and ask us to set up weekly mailings based on the schedule. We’ll handle everything for you!

Download 15 Weeks of Holiday Mailing_OSS


Sep 07 2017

Lead generations postcards that make Real Estate Agents’ phones ring

Sometimes buyers are hesitant to sell because they don’t think buyers are interested. This postcard lets them know that you have interested buyers and motivates them to give you a call.

Download Buyers and Boxes Postcard order form













Many homes in Southern California have more equity than owners realize. This postcard encourages recipients to contact you to find out the value of their home.

Download Money Tree Postcard order form


Sep 01 2017

Client Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Summer is over and we are speeding towards the holidays. Every year, I make the mistake of waiting too long to come up with client gifts and at the beginning of December there is great snarling and gnashing of teeth as I curse last minute shipping costs. But not this year! This year I am determined to have the gifts picked out and bought and landing on clients’ doorsteps before Thanksgiving.

If you’re trying to get ahead of the game as well, here are some client gift ideas for you. All of these are ones we’ve bought in the past and they’ve been a big hit. Got another idea? Share it in the comments below.

Here are few more gifts that are a bit more expensive and personalized. We’ve sent these to consultants, vendors, even our boss.

  • Jerkygram from Mancrates 
  • Custom Bobblehead (can’t remember which company we used, but there are lots of different ones).
  • Custom tie from Zazzle 
  • Personalized lifetime artwork from Your Memory Lane   


Aug 01 2017

2017 Football Schedules for Direct Mail

The preseason starts August 12th! Football schedules are sticky pieces, meaning recipients are likely to keep them around for awhile and get repeat exposure to your name! Plus, they are relevant to a wide variety of audiences. Order today.

Download  Football Schedule order form

Jan 26 2017

Time to Motivate Owners to SELL!

It’s time to motivate homeowners to SELL! These postcards were created to do just that. The “Hire an Agent” series encourages owners to hire an agent instead of selling it themselves. And the “Buyers are Coming” postcard is a fun nod to Game of Thrones that encourages owners to get their house on the market before the competitive spring market hits. If you’re looking to generate leads, send one of these cards.

Download the order form January Lead Generation Order Form

Hire an Agent

HireAgent2 HireAgent

The Buyers Are Coming

BuyersComing copy

Dec 15 2016

Start 2017 Strong With These New Years Marketing Pieces

2017 4×9 Folded Calendars

Great pieces for farming and direct mail campaigns

Download 2017 Calendar Order Form

oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_3 oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_2 oss_4x9_calendarnewyear_2016_1

8.5×5.5 2017 New Years Postcards

If you missed our Christmas postcards, you’re in luck. These New Years Postcards are appropriate to send out any time in January. A great way to reconnect with old clients or send a personal message to your farm or direct mail recipients.

Download the order form New Years Postcards

oss_8-5x5-5_newyear_orderform_2016_1 oss_8-5x5-5_newyear_orderform_2016_2


Apr 07 2016

Direct Mail Postcards for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8th and we have several Mother’s Day postcards you can use to reach out to your farm, social list, clients and leads. Download the  Mothers Day Order Form and either email it to or fax it to 949-452-0381. Order by April 19th and receive 10% off printing costs.

Mother’s Day 1 & 2

mothers day postcards direct mail postcards small business







These two postcards can be used for real estate agents or small business owners. They’re sentimental message is perfect for connecting with your audience on a personal level.

New House for Mama

mothers day postcards for real estate







This lighthearted, real estate centered postcard is perfect sending Mother’s Day wishes and generating leads in the form of buyers and sellers.


Dec 29 2015

Start Your 2016 Direct Mail Marketing Campaign With Mailable Calendars

These 8.5×11 calendars are perfect for mailing or walking and dropping at the beginning of the year. Because of their practical use, calendars are likely to stay in recipients homes for months, giving them repeated exposure to your brand. Choose from four design themes: A Year At The Beach, Happy Chinese New Year, Home Sweet Home and Winter Wonderland. Each design gives two choices for written content: market update or testimonials. We’ve written the call to action, you provide the market update or testimonials.

Mailable calendars order form

A year at the beach

A year at the beach

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

direct mail marketing real estate

Winter Wonderland

real estate direct mail

home sweet home



















Are you looking to start or continue a direct mail marketing campaign in 2016? These calendars are a great start. We have several other content ready pieces and can set up a mailing schedule with reminders for you. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 for more information.

Sep 25 2015

An Easy Way To Use Testimonials In Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Our newest batch of Content Ready Postcards are ready for ya! Receive 10% off when you order before October 16th. To order, download our postcard order form and email it to If you have questions, call us at 949-587-5301.

Testimonials are great trust builders! People trust other people and businesses who come highly recommended, and sharing testimonials gives you credibility while highlighting specific aspects of your business. When people trust you, they call you! postcard order form


These testimonial postcards are designed to be simple and draw attention to your testimonials. Please submit testimonials when placing your order, and know that our designers may have to cut them down in order to make them fit on the postcard. postcard order form


Connecting with homeowners, even those who aren’t ready to sell, is vital to successful direct mail marketing. All homeowners will appreciate these tips on how to protect their homes against the heavy rains due to hit Southern California this winter. The call to action on the back lets homeowners know that when they are ready to sell, they should call you! postcard order form


Sep 17 2013

The Case for Direct Mail

Today’s Low Mail Volume = Opportunity

With the overall economy still down and with so many companies moving their marketing efforts online, mail volume has dropped tremendously. The resulting empty mailboxes present a unique opportunity. While competition to get noticed in email in-boxes just keeps growing, a well-crafted direct mail package is now far more likely to garner attention than before.

The Advantages of Direct Mail
While both “snail mail” and email allow for targeted marketing, direct mail has some distinct advantages:

  • High Delivery Rates – If your mailing list is current, nearly all of your direct mail will get delivered. Email, on the other hand, must get past spam filters, service provider issues and more.
  • High Readership Rates – While many people review their email inboxes with their fingers on the “delete” button, studies show that 80% of consumers will at least scan the direct mail they receive.
  • Nearly Limitless Format Options – Direct mail offers virtually unlimited formatting options, from postcards and envelopes (of all sizes and colors) to mailing tubes and boxes.
  • Much More Space – With direct mail you have as much space as necessary to tell your story and deliver a compelling message in one package. You can include letters, brochures, coupons, photos, DVDs, product samples, small promotional items and more.
  • Extreme Personalization – It is now possible to personalize every element of a direct mail package, without the expense of multiple print runs. For example, you can create a 4-color brochure in which everything from the text to the photos are personalized based on particular fields in your database.

The bottom line: with so much less competition, now’s an ideal time to consider adding direct mail to your marketing mix.

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