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Feb 12 2019

Product Spotlight: Boho Chic Pocket Wedding Invitations

Valentine’s Day has me reminiscing about one of my favorite wedding invitations we’ve designed and printed here at One Step Services. These were created last year for a very special client, my baby brother and his fiance. They had a boho chic wedding in Temecula wine country and wanted invitations that reflected the simplicity of their decor as well as their love of nature.

My brother and his fiance make a great pair because she dreams big and he is a pragmatic numbers man. When it came to invitations, my sister in law wanted something impressive and my brother wanted something cheap. Another challenge was the fact that they were having a destination wedding and therefore had to communicate quite a bit of extra information.

We decided on a pocket invitation with different inserts to communicate various types of information. There was the main invitation, the informational insert that talk about registry attire and website, an insert with directions (their venue was in the country and hard to get to with a GPs), and an RSVP card.

So save money, We opted for a semi DIY invitation option. We printed each piece of the invitation and provided them with the colored pocket. We also printed the envelopes with return addresses and recipient addresses. My brother and his fiance took the pieces assembled, stuffed and stamped them on their own.

The One Step designer, Tirtzah, created a design that was beautiful on its own, without needing to add expensive finishes like embossing or foil. We printed on beautiful 16pt matte cardstock, a common paper choice for people looking for elegance on a budget. Overall, they were incredibly happy with the outcome.

Event marketing collateral, including save the dates, invitations, programs and signage, are one of our specialities here at One Step Services. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email for a custom quote.

Jan 16 2019

2019 Real Estate Forecast Postcards for Direct Mail

Looking for some direct mail postcards, farming postcards or walk and drop pieces? Start the new year with a strong marketing strategy and our content ready postcards. This month, we are promoting Valentine’s Day postcards as well as one summarizing the 2019 Real Estate Forecast.

To order, simply download this Valentines and Forecast Order Form and email it back to us.

2019 Real Estate Forecast. Please note, this information is from last year and will be changed. You will see updated information when you place an order.









Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweet Deal


Nov 19 2018

Brand New 2019 Holiday Card Designs Just Released!

We’ve just released 10 brand new holiday card designs! They span a wide variety of design themes including coastal Christmas, traditional holiday, modern magical and Hanukkah. Each design comes as an 8.5×5.5 postcard or a 5×7 folded greeting card with envelope. Select designs also come in small notecard size (4.25×5.5).  Choose from 4 different messages or provide your own.

To order, simply download the order form below and return it to Call us at 949-587-5301 with any questions!

One Step 2018 Holiday Postcards

One Step Services 2019 Holiday Greeting Cards

One Step Services 2019 Holiday Notecards

Nov 07 2018

2018 Holiday Schedule Postcards for Southern California

2018 Holiday Schedule Postcards Order Today!

Holiday schedules are a great way to connect with your farm, showing them that you are a community expert. These pieces are also effective because they are sticky, meaning people keep them around and reference them repeatedly.

We’ve done the hard work for you and pulled events from Orange, LA and San Diego counties. Simply choose your design and the county you want to feature, and we’ll do the rest! Want to feature specific events we missed? No problem, just email us the details and we’ll put it on the card for you.

Each design comes in 8.5×5.5 and 8.5×8.5. The smaller postcards feature 10 events, the larger ones feature 16.

Download the 2018 Holiday Schedule Postcards



Nov 02 2018

New Customized Candy Options For Promotional Marketing

Why Promotional Candy Pouches?

– Fully customizable with your branding, logo and contact information.

– Over 25 different snack and candy options, at three different price points.

– Great to use as client gifts, pop bys, event handouts, or as filling in the company candy jar.

– Great way to build brand recognition, connect with old, current and potential clients, and drive sales.

– A great tasting, high quality product

These 1oz candy and snack pouches are a wonderful promotional marketing item that is affordable, fun and effective. Ordering is easy! Simply choose a filling, and we’ll design the bag based on your brand. Once approved, we print and ship directly to you.

Click on the Customized Promotional Candy Order Form to see all filling options and prices.

To order, simply download the Customized Promotional Candy Order Form fill it out, and email it to or call 949-587-5301.

Oct 24 2018

The difference between a 5 star rating and a handwritten thank you note

I tried a new auto mechanic this week. The auto shop I had gone to for years switched ownership and I wasn’t thrilled with the new management. Plus, I needed a shop closer to work. So I tried one of the many near the office and one highly recommended by my boss.

When I walked into the Finishline front office, I was immediately struck by the framed thank you notes hung on the walls. Many of these notes were handwritten. It was incredible to me that people had actually taken the time to handwrite a note to their mechanic. I’ve written online reviews for my mechanic, but a handwritten note? That beast of a task is reserved for friends and family. As I started to read the testimonials, it became clear that John, the owner, wasn’t just a mechanic. He was a friend, a friend people trusted with one of their most important worldly possessions.

I was feeling pretty good about my decision to come to Finishline. John gave a me a detailed quote before starting the work. He charged a fair price. He got the job done quickly. He was kind, respectful, and friendly.  

Everything John did was worthy of a 5 Star Yelp Review. But I still wasn’t understanding the handwritten thank you notes. But at the end of the transaction, John handed me the keys and mentioned that he had noticed that one of the tires on the stroller in the back of the car was flat, and he filled it up. I couldn’t believe he had even noticed the flat tire, much less taken the time to refill it. Talk about going above and beyond. Right there, he earned a lifelong customer and a handwritten thank you note.

Service is the most important part of your brand. Make sure it’s excellent!

Sep 25 2018

BOO-Tiful Halloween Postcards for your direct mail marketing

Halloween is one of our favorite marketing holidays. It’s a fun, care free holiday with lots of opportunity for creative marketing. These postcards are perfect for sending to your farm and/or social list. All of them have specific real estate calls to action, but the text on the back can be customized to fit just about any industry.

Ordering is easy! Just download the 2018 Halloween Postcards Order Form fill it out, and email it back to You can also fax it to us at 949-452-0381.

Apr 03 2018

Tip Tuesdays – Envelopes are the sports jackets of direct mail

The envelope. The sports jacket of the direct mail world. Done properly, it can enhance your mailings and increase open rates. Done incorrectly, and it’s a first class ticket to the trash. So this month, our Tip Tuesday is dedicated to giving you some ideas on how to make the most of your direct mail envelope.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. Brand your mailings, people. Put a logo in the return address box. Get a stamp with your tagline or motto and stamp the back flap. Put a line of your signature color along the bottom. Anonymous envelopes look like bills and credit card offers. They get thrown in the trash. Let people know who the envelope is from.

In addition to telling people who the envelope is from, you need to tell them why they need to open it. Put a call to action right on that baby. Ask a question. Make a compelling statement. Let them know there’s a free offer inside.  Make it short, simple and powerful.

When I was a kid I got quite a bit of personal mail. Birthday cards, postcards from friends, notes from my grandparents. Now, I’m lucky if I get a few Christmas cards. SO, when I see an envelope with a handwritten address, you better believe I open that up. Its usually just a note from my accountant or dentist telling me I need an appointment, but still. Handwritten = open.

Color attracts eyeballs. In a stack of white envelopes, your bright orange one is going to stand out and pique the recipient’s curiosity. While colored envelopes are a little more expensive than white, it is still a very simple and cost effective way to make your mailings unique.


Jun 01 2016

Visual Content Creation Tools for Non Designers

recite-xf9tpgI sit about 50ft away from a group of graphic designers, so you’d think that I had an endless supply of visual content for our blog, newsletter, social media, etc. However, there are these wonderful people called clients that take up most of the designers time. And while I leave big projects to the professionals, there are often times when I need a simple visual for something minor and the designers don’t have time to create it. When that happens, I turn to one of these online content creation tools:


As a writer, I would be perfectly happy spending my days writing articles, white papers and ebooks with only text. However, I know large chunks of text usually don’t get read. Piktochart allows me to convert text based articles into visual infographics that are more interesting and eye catching to the average consumer. There is a small selection of free templates, but you gain access to more templates and features when you purchase a subscription.


I just discovered Canva and I’m hooked. I’ve created a white paper, an infographic and a variety of single images for social media. Unlike other content creation software, Canva isn’t subscription based, which I like. They have images that are free, and others that cost money, so each time you log on you can determine how much money you’ll spend.


I discovered PicMonkey a couple years ago when I was looking for an easy way to do simple photo edits like crop, blur, and resize. PicMonkey does all of that and more. I can also create images from scratch, which is how I create our #TipTuesday visuals. Like Piktochart, there are some free features but paying for a subscription opens up even more features.


If you follow One Step Services on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that every Monday we post an inspirational quote. I use a variety of tools to convert text quotes into images, and one of them is Recite. You simply type in our quote, pick a template, and it spits out an image which you can share directly or download (the image at the top of this blog post was made with Recite). This service is free!

Keep in mind that while these tools are very helpful and cost effective, they operate based on templates and there isn’t a lot of room for customization. When you need something customized, turn to the pros! Our talented team of graphic designers would love to create anything you need, whether it’s a Facebook cover photo, a header for your email newsletter, a postcard, a business card, a listing presentation or anything else you can think of. Just call 949-587-5301 or email info@onestepservices.coom to place an order.

Apr 12 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Gather Client Data For More Effective Campaigns

Marketing costs money. Every time you mail a postcard, update your website or pay to have an email designed, you are spending money that you hope will make you money. One of the best ways to ensure a high ROI (return on investment) for your marketing is to create marketing that is meaningful to your audience. And the only way to do that is to know your audience. And so, this month’s Tip Tuesdays are all about collecting, organizing and using data about your clients, leads and audience.

Keep track of important information such as purchase history, demographic info, birthdays, anniversaries, hobbies, professional interests, testimonials, etc.

The more you know about your clients and leads, the more dynamic and personalized you can make your campaigns to them. The type of information you keep track of will vary based on your business, however, most businesses should collect demographic information (age, gender, location, profession, income, etc). Many businesses may also benefit from keeping track of products and services purchased by each client. Beyond that, the call is yours. Keep track of whatever info you think will help you understand your audience.

Use a CRM to keep all customer data organized and accessible to all in your organization.

Everyone needs a centralized, organized way to keep track of the client information they collect. We use a software called Zoho which has a full suite of products including CRM, accounting and email marketing. Infusionsoft is another great CRM product for small business. For real estate agents, there are several different CRMs created specifically for that industry which make it incredibly easy to input, store and use data.

Collect customer data through conversations, surveys, order tracking, questions asked on social media, testimonials.

Gathering data on your clients and leads is a continuous process. If you have specific information you want to collect, make it part of your new client paperwork or send out a survey. If you are reaching out to a brand new audience, you can use a data service company to gather demographic information on them.  But also, keep your ears open for less formal information. If a client mentions an upcoming surgery, make a note of it and send a get well card. If you’re a real estate agent that knocks on doors, make notes about the people that you talk to. Ask a fun question on social media and record the responses. You never know when a tidbit of personal information will help you close a sale.

When ordering direct mail lists, pay attention to demographic and other client  information and use that to create relevant campaigns.

We will dive into this in more detail in May’s Tip Tuesdays. But for now, it’s important to understand that when you are marketing, you aren’t communicating to a bunch of blank slates. You are communicating to people with stories, needs, wants, struggles, prejudices, etc. All of these things affect their decision to do business with you. The better you understand the many facets of the people you are working with, the better able you are to craft campaigns that appeal to them and elicit a response.

If you need help collecting data, let us know! We can create mailable surveys, client intake forms or anything else you need. If you already have your data, we’d love to put together a campaign that is relevant to your audience and gives you a high ROI.