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Dec 27 2017

It’s not too late to send Happy New Year’s 2018 Postcards

Unlike other holidays, it’s socially acceptable to wish people a Happy New Year a couple weeks past the actual holiday. If you weren’t able to send out Christmas cards, these Happy New Year postcards are a great way to reach out to your farm or social sphere.

SPECIALS: Order 200+ and we’ll waive the production fee.

Download the New Years 2018 Post Card Order Form


Oct 24 2017

New Designs Added To Our Thanksgiving Card Collection

We have added 5″x7″ foldover greeting cards to our Thanksgiving card collection. These unique designs are perfect for real estate agents, small business owners or nonprofit organizations. Each comes with suggested messaging, but you are free to submit your own if you prefer. Be sure to check out our 2017 Thanksgiving Postcards as well.

OSS Thanksgiving Foldover Order Form

Oct 11 2017

Brighten Mailboxes With These Holly Jolly Postcards

Our holiday postcards are the perfect way to wish clients, friends and family a wonderful holiday season. We have 9 designs to choose from and 6 different messages. Mail these, walk and drop them, or attach them to gifts. We can also convert any postcard design into a 5″x7″ foldover card.

Want something more custom? No problem. We can create completely custom cards that feature your brand, a family photo, whatever you want. Just shoot us an email with your vision and we’ll get it started

Also, keep in mind you can order as early as you want and set a future mail date. Mark this off your list TODAY so you can focus on baking and shopping and all that fun stuff.

Download the Holiday Card Order Form 2017

5″x7″ Foldovers

All postcards can be converted to a foldover. Here are just a few examples

Nov 17 2016

Holiday Cards For Everyone On Your Nice List

The holidays are a perfect time to reach out to past clients, current clients, vendors and business partners with a personalized card. Our 5×7 vertical and horizontal folded cards are per

With beautiful designs, inspiring messages, and space for a personal note and signature, our 5×7 folded holiday cards are perfect for sending to old clients, current clients, vendors and business partners. Choose from vertical folded, or our special horizontal, 3/4 fold. Order envelopes and have us address and mail them out to make your life that much easier.

Download Folded Holiday Cards Order Form

5x7 christmas cards


Nov 17 2015

Our most popular holiday direct mail postcards are ready for you to order

Our most affordable, and popular, holiday card option are the 8.5×5.5 holiday postcards. Our designing elves have been hard at work creating 12 different designs some that are regionally specific, some industry specific and some just plain adorable. There are a variety of verses to choose from, or you can provide your own. You can send them through the mail, walk and drop them, or attach them to gifts. They are the perfect way to thank your sphere of influence for a wonderful year and to wish them the best this holiday season.

Download the Holiday Postcards Order Form

OSS_8.5x5.5_SantaWinter OSS_8.5x5.5_Wreath OSS_8.5x5.5_SantaBelieve OSS_8.5x5.5_Polaroid OSS_8.5x5.5_Lantern OSS_8.5x5.5_Key OSS_8.5x5.5_BeachBoy OSS_8.5x5.5_CountryHome OSS_8.5x5.5_Hanukkah OSS_8.5x5.5_HolidayChalkboard OSS_8.5x5.5_Home OSS_8.5x5.5_JoyPeace


Looking for other options? We also have Calendar Cards and 5×7 Folded Cards. Just call customer service at 949-587-5301 or email for more info.

Nov 16 2015

Add a personal touch to your holiday direct mail marketing

The holidays are a perfect time to make a personal connection with your clients through direct mail. But with all the other responsibilities of the holidays, maybe you’re finding it difficult to get those cards sent. Not to worry, we’re here to help! Consider us your direct mail marketing elves. Our 5×7 folded holiday cards are sent in envelopes and are more personable than postcards. Not only do we have the cards already designed for you, complete with messaging, but we will also stuff them, address them, stamp them and send them.

To get started, simply click on the link below and fill out the order form. Then email it to us at or fax it to 949-452-0381

Folded Holiday Cards

OSS_5x7_Ornaments OSS_5x7_MerryBright OSS_5x7_Lights OSS_5x7_ChristmasTree OSS_5x7_Birdies


Looking for something different? We’ve also got Calendar Cards and 8.5×5.5 postcards. Just call customer service for more info 949-587-5301 or email








Nov 21 2014

Let One Step Simplify Your Holiday To Do List

Shopping, cooking and decorating, oh my! If you’re overwhelmed by your holiday to do list, simplify your life and let One Step check one thing off that list: holiday cards. Simply choose from one of 14 beautifully designed postcards, calendar mailers and/or greeting cards. Then fill out and return our simple Holiday Postcard Order Form and send us a mailing database (if we don’t already have one for you.) We’ll take care of the rest!”


2014HolidayPCs_5 2014HolidayPCs_4 2014HolidayPCs_3 2014HolidayPCs_2 2014HolidayPCs_1

Greeting Cards

2014 Holiday Cards 2014Holiday5x7Cards

Calendar Mailers

2014PC4x9Calendars_3 2014PC4x9Calendars_2 2014PC4x9Calendars_1


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