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Nov 10 2017

These sticky holiday direct mail pieces provide a great return on investment

Our annual holiday schedules of events are ready to order! We’ve done things a little differently this year. Instead of choosing a city, you simply choose your county and we’ll put together a list of major events taking place in different areas throughout the county. Have some specific events you want featured? No problem, just send those over and we’ll put them on the card you choose.

These pieces are particularly effective because they are sticky, meaning people are likely to keep them around for a while and reference them more than once. Every time they do, they’ll be reminded of your name, your face and your brand. These pieces have a strong ROI and are a  great way to wrap up your 2017 direct mail marketing efforts.

Each design is available as an 8.5×8.5 postcard or 8.5×5.5 postcard. As always, the production fee of $12 is waived when you order 200 or more. Additional bulk discounts apply for orders of 500+ and 1,000+. Download the order form and email it to or give us a call if you have questions 949-587-5301.

Holiday Schedule Order Form 2017


Sep 05 2017

September Tip Tuesdays – Make Your Holiday Mailings Stand Out

Whether you are a real estate agent thanking clients for their business, a nonprofit asking for donations, or a small business promoting a sale, holiday mailings are crucial for client/donor relations.

#1 – Segment your list

Chances are, you don’t want to send the exact same holiday cards to everyone. There are some people you may want to send handwritten, very personable cards too. There are others you may want to send a postcard to, with automated personalization using variable data. And there may be a good chunk of your list that is going to a beautifully crafted email.

Also, keep in mind that you can change the list based on the holiday. For example, if you want to touch base on Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can save money by sending everyone an email on Thanksgiving but doing cards and postcards for Christmas (or vica versa).

How you divide your list will depend on your sales goals and your budget. But it’s a vital first step when planning your holiday marketing strategy.

#2 – Use handwriting and color

The direct mail pieces that stick out the most are those that have a handwritten addresses and a colorful envelope. While it does cost extra than a regular mailing, it’s actually one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make your mailing stand out. And you can save even more money by hand addressing yourself.

One Step Services does offer hand addressing and hand stamping as a service. Just make sure you get your order in early (like, October) so there is plenty of time to get everything set up and sent out.

#3 – Use variable data

Variable data allows us to customize any piece quickly. This is a great tool for those who want to customize their big mailings printed on our digital press. Perhaps you are a nonprofit wanting to thank a donor. We can create a template letter and insert individual names and donation amounts. Or maybe you are a retail wanting to give different discounts depending on buying patterns. Simply give us a spreadsheet with the person’s name and the discount they should get, and we’ll insert that variable data into a templated piece.

The way you send over variable data is extremely important. Be sure to talk with one of One Step Services’ customer reps before placing an order to be sure everything goes smoothly.

#4 – Consider a gift

It can be something as simple as a coupon or store credit, or something a little more elaborate like a gift basket. Check out our recent article about client gifts we’ve given for more inspiration.

It’s a good idea to choose gifts that will remind the recipient of your company. Include a handwritten note and business card with food gifts. Put your logo on office supply gifts. Or send a free product or sample to entice them to order again.

Nov 03 2016

The Only Farming Postcard You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and it’s time to kick your marketing into high gear. We’ve compiled a list of holiday events taking place in Orange County and San Diego County. Choose a size and a design, then cities and events most relevant to your audience. We’ll send to a database you provide or simply print and return them to you.

Our holiday schedule of events is fantastic farming piece. Its purpose is to build name and brand recognition, and establish you as a trustworthy and active member of the community.

Order Forms

North Orange County Holiday Schedule

San Diego County Holiday Schedule

South Orange County Holiday Schedule



real estate direct mail marketing

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.


holiday schedule of events san diego

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.

Holiday Wreath

direct mail holiday marketing

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.

Nov 15 2015

Looking for something unique for your holiday direct mail marketing?

Looking for something a little different to send to your clients this holiday season? The unique size of these 4×9 folded cards make them stand out in the mail. They come with a tear off calendar which recipients can keep all year round. The calendar has space for your contact info and branding, so every time they reference it they’ll be reminded to do business with you. Order these cards by December 7th and receive 10% off printing costs.

Holiday Calendars Order Form
OSS_4x9_CitySnow OSS_4x9_HotChocolate OSS_4x9_Snowman


We also have 5×7 folded greeting cards and, our most popular holiday item, 8.5×5.5 postcards. Contact us at 949-587-5301 or for more info or to place an order.

Nov 21 2014

Let One Step Simplify Your Holiday To Do List

Shopping, cooking and decorating, oh my! If you’re overwhelmed by your holiday to do list, simplify your life and let One Step check one thing off that list: holiday cards. Simply choose from one of 14 beautifully designed postcards, calendar mailers and/or greeting cards. Then fill out and return our simple Holiday Postcard Order Form and send us a mailing database (if we don’t already have one for you.) We’ll take care of the rest!”


2014HolidayPCs_5 2014HolidayPCs_4 2014HolidayPCs_3 2014HolidayPCs_2 2014HolidayPCs_1

Greeting Cards

2014 Holiday Cards 2014Holiday5x7Cards

Calendar Mailers

2014PC4x9Calendars_3 2014PC4x9Calendars_2 2014PC4x9Calendars_1


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