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Aug 28 2017

Postcard marketing made easy for real estate agents

Do you have a farm with many first time home owners? They may be wanting to sell but are nervous about the process since they’ve never sold before. Send them this postcard to assure them that you will walk them through the process and give them all the info they need to make an informed decision.

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Not every postcard needs to be a sales solicitation. It’s a good idea to send useful, relevant information to your recipients in order to build brand trust and recognition. This Fall Fix It postcard is perfect for just that.

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May 02 2017

Direct Mail Postcards for Memorial Day 2017

The unofficial start of summer is just around the corner! Whether you want to mail a serious tribute to those honored on Memorial Day, or a light hearted lead generation postcard, we’ve got you covered.

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Apr 06 2017

Generate leads from people in a season of change

Our Seasons of Change postcards target recipients who are going through big life changes that may motivate them to sell their home. We have one for relocation, one for downsizing and one for moving into a bigger house. Choose the one most relevant to the most people on your list in order to generate leads.

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This postcard can be effective on a wide variety of people, but you’ll most likely find people in their 30s and 40s relating to it. People well into their careers who may need to move for work, people with kids looking to move closer to family, people looking to move to a more affordable town, all of these people will identify with this card and call you to help them relocate.

spring lead generation postcards real estate



This postcard is great for young families, singles, or couples living in condos or townhouses. It gets them thinking about the need for a bigger home.

real estate direct mail postcard



Do you have a lot of contacts that are empty nesters, retirees, or seniors? This postcard will motivate them to sell that big single family home and move into something more manageable.

real estate postcards spring



Jan 26 2017

Time to Motivate Owners to SELL!

It’s time to motivate homeowners to SELL! These postcards were created to do just that. The “Hire an Agent” series encourages owners to hire an agent instead of selling it themselves. And the “Buyers are Coming” postcard is a fun nod to Game of Thrones that encourages owners to get their house on the market before the competitive spring market hits. If you’re looking to generate leads, send one of these cards.

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Hire an Agent

HireAgent2 HireAgent

The Buyers Are Coming

BuyersComing copy

Aug 22 2016

Let Homeowners Know High Demand Equals High Prices

There are basically three types of direct mail cards real estate agents should be sending out on a regular basis. First are the lead generation cards. The messaging of these cards is crafted specifically to motivate people to sell their houses and list with you. These often include just listed/sold postcards, open house invites, market updates and info on how, when and why to sell. The second type is self promotional. These cards often have testimonials or bios of the agent. Lastly are the informational cards. These include general information about the local real estate market, the community and home ownership. While lead generation direct mail postcards should be sent out most often, it’s also important to mix in some self promotional and general information postcards. That way, people who aren’t ready to sell are still learning about your business and gaining information that is valuable to them.

Our lead generation card for this month tells homeowners that you have buyers for their home. Demand is very high in some areas of Orange County, and homeowners need to know that the demand could be driving up the value of their home. This simple knowledge could be the thing that motivates them to list their home with you.

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real estate lead generation postcard

Our informational card this week tells homeowners how they can protect their homes from wildfires. Late summer and fall are fire season here in So Cal, and homeowners will appreciate these simple tips that will help get their home through this dangerous season. Of course, there is still a call to action and your information on the card, in case the recipient wants to talk about listing!

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Wildfire Protection

Feb 12 2016

Build Brand Recognition Time Change Reminder Postcards

Whether your a brand new real estate agent who needs content to start a direct mail campaign, or a seasoned agent looking for content to mail in between your listings and market updates, our content ready postcards are effective for business building. Some are designed simply to touch base with recipients and build brand awareness, while others are crafted to generate leads.

Not a real estate agent? Some of our postcards can easily be modified to match your business. We can also create custom postcards and campaigns for your specific business needs.

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Time Change Postcards

These postcards remind recipients that they’ll need to set their clocks forward on March 13th. It also reminds them that you are available for all their real estate needs. Not a real estate agent? No problem. We can change the call to action to match your business. Download the order form

Time change postcards TimeChange1_Image



Why Sell In The Spring?

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to motivate homeowners to sell. This postcard gives 5 specific reasons why the spring market is great for selling homes! Download the order form

lead generation postcard for real estate

Good Cause Marketing