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Nov 10 2017

These sticky holiday direct mail pieces provide a great return on investment

Our annual holiday schedules of events are ready to order! We’ve done things a little differently this year. Instead of choosing a city, you simply choose your county and we’ll put together a list of major events taking place in different areas throughout the county. Have some specific events you want featured? No problem, just send those over and we’ll put them on the card you choose.

These pieces are particularly effective because they are sticky, meaning people are likely to keep them around for a while and reference them more than once. Every time they do, they’ll be reminded of your name, your face and your brand. These pieces have a strong ROI and are a  great way to wrap up your 2017 direct mail marketing efforts.

Each design is available as an 8.5×8.5 postcard or 8.5×5.5 postcard. As always, the production fee of $12 is waived when you order 200 or more. Additional bulk discounts apply for orders of 500+ and 1,000+. Download the order form and email it to or give us a call if you have questions 949-587-5301.

Holiday Schedule Order Form 2017


May 13 2013

How One Thank You Card Got Me To Increase My Annual Donation

Every year, I make a small donation to my Alma Mater. It would be a large donation, but since I’m still paying back the massive student loans I had to take out to pay for education at said Alma Mater, the donation is small for now. The university has always been good about sending thank you cards, but this year’s card really stuck out because of its personalized nature. Although it was a mass mailing, I felt that I was being personally thanked for my specific donation.

Instead of the usual letter from the President, this card was from 6 current students. The front of the card features the signature of each student. Now I know these were printed on the paper and that each student didn’t sign each individual card. However, even a stamped signature is more personal than simply a typed name. Although they didn’t put their name to each individual card, they have put their name on the entire project and approved if with their John Hancock.

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When I opened the card, I found messages from each student thanking me for my donation and telling me how my donation impacted them personally. The tone of the messages were very personal with phrases like “I appreciate you” and “You have made this happen for me.”  Even though I knew thousands of other donors received the same card, I still felt as if they were personally thanking me. Plus, it was encouraging to know that my money was actually helping students and not being squandered.

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To top it all off, the back of the card had a picture of all the students. This was another great personal touch as it allowed me to put a face with the signature and messages.

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Overall, what makes this branded thank you card so unique and successful is the fact that it doesn’t simply say “thank you,” it tells a story.  It’s the story of six students eagerly pursuing higher education and greatly benefiting from donations to their beloved university. But it’s also my story. It’s a story compiled of my memories of attending the university and my current donations. It’s a story so powerful, it’s convinced me to have a greater impact on the story by increasing my donation (side note: no where in the card does it ask me to increase my donation.)

If you’re a non profit organization in need of design, printing or mail services, give us a call. We’ve worked with a variety of non profits including sports leagues, schools, community organizations, and religious organizations. We know all non profits are working on a budget and we offer discounts to all our non profit clients. For more information, call us at 949-587-5301 or email

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